Liberals Believe In Capitalism

Posted on October 14, 2011


Did you know that liberals believe in capitalism; that they consider themselves capitalist? I have been laboring for many years under the misconception that liberals believed in anything but capitalism. You can imagine my shock when I learned yesterday that I have been wrong all these years.

Yesterday, as I do most days, I stopped by the Questions and Observation blog. I have long considered Bruce McQuain one of our better conservative/libertarian pundits. His articles have inspired more than a few of my posts here at Conservatives on Fire. One of McQuain’s articles yesterday was titled Should Liberal’s support Occupy Wall Street? he was responding to an editorial at The New Republic. The editorial starts out talking about the many themes that liberals and the Occupy Wall Street protestors have in common. The editorial then goes on to say:

But, to draw on the old cliché, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Just because liberals are frustrated with Wall Street does not mean that we should automatically find common cause with a group of people who are protesting Wall Street. Indeed, one of the first obligations of liberalism is skepticism—of governments, of arguments, and of movements. And so it is important to look at what Occupy Wall Street actually believes and then to ask two, related questions: Is their rhetoric liberal, or at least a close cousin of liberalism? And is this movement helpful to the achievement of liberal aims?

And this is the bit that caught McQuain’s eye and you can see why:

One of the core differences between liberals and radicals is that liberals are capitalists. They believe in a capitalism that is democratically regulated—that seeks to level an unfair economic playing field so that all citizens have the freedom to make what they want of their lives. But these are not the principles we are hearing from the protesters. Instead, we are hearing calls for the upending of capitalism entirely.

They believe in a capitalism that is democratically regulated—that seeks to level an unfair economic playing field…” Really? That is their idea of capitalism? Well, McQuain has a lot of fun with this and, also, quotes some other mainstream liberals that support the view expressed by The New Republic editorial. Please give McQuain’s article a read. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. For now, take a look at how he closes:

When you realize what is at the root cause of the problems we now are fighting to overcome, you realize the progressive version of “capitalism” is a failure.   As usual, their instrument of change is the blunt force of government where one doesn’t have to convince, persuade or sell.  Just dictate and do.  That’s the antithesis of capitalism and markets.

I don’t think the word means what they think it means.

But don’t tell them … they really, honestly think they’re capitalists.

You would think after all these years of wandering through this vail of tears that I could no longer be surprised by the twisted logic of the liberal mind; but, this one really knocked me off-balance. This is what the liberal education system teaches or maybe better said; this the result of the indoctrination of our liberal education system. No wonder this country is so screwed-up!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


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