The Left Has A Clear Agenda. What Does the Right Have?

Posted on March 12, 2012


We all know what the agenda is of the Left, the Liberals, the Progressives or whatever is their nome de jour. They generally do not talk out loud about their agenda; bit it is evident to anyone who is paying attention. Their agenda is to transform America into a socialist-fascist state where the Federal government is all-powerful and will control every aspect of our lives. There will be a number of mega-corporations in partnership with the government. You see it happening  now, don’t you?

Does the Right have a clear agenda? We all have issues that are important to each of us. The social conservatives have their issues. The neo-conservatives have their key concerns. The Libertarians among us have their issues. In general we want the Federal Government to stop spending more than they take-in, to stop mortgaging future generations with debt they can never pay, to stop their unconstitutional intrusion into our lives. We want a smaller Federal Government that doesn’t smother the life out of the productive sector bu over regulating. We want less taxes and we want to create an environment where the free market can flourish and all Americans have more opportunities to pursue our individual American dream.

The one thing that all on the Right have in common is a reverence for the constitution. It is my contention that the CONSTITUTION should be our agenda. Our long-term goal is to reform the Federal Government to that described in our constitution; a Federal Government restrained by the enumerated powers laid out in the constitution. With the constitution as our guide, our goal is to return the real power to the states as was the in tion of our Founders. When we achieve this goal we will have solved most of our laundry list of issues. Those issues not solved we will have to take up with our states governments.

Unlike the Left, we will want to be very vocal about our agenda. We must find ways to communicate our agenda to those that are disengaged, who our ignorant of the ways our government works against the interest of all citizens. We must in effect teach them that government, at any level, is the enemy of freedom. The greatest enemy is a far removed federal government. No one knew that better than our Founders, which is why they included a list of enumerated powers for the Federal Government and everything else to the states and the people.

I repeat, our Federal Government is our worst enemy. The people who run the government, the bureaucrats, are our enemy. The people who are supposed to run our government, our elected officials, are our enemies, Even our federal judges, including our Supreme Court justices, have proven to be our enemies. We have over two centuries of proof that all these people are our enemies. They all took oaths to uphold and protect our constitution but they haven’t lived up to that oath.

The progressives/socialist began their take-over of the Democrat Party at the beginning of the twentieth century. They made their first major impact during the Wilson administration. They progressed their agenda dramatically in the administrations of FDR and LBJ and under the Clinton Administration. And, now we have a true left-wing radical as our president and he is hell-bent on finishing the job that his predecessors started. So, where have the Republicans been all this time. What have they done to stop the progressive¡s trnsformation of America into a socialist-facist state? The answer is that the Republicans have not kept their oath any better than the Democrats.

Publius-Huldah in a recent post took the Republicans to task. It will be worth your time to read her brilliant essay, Why Republicans Sell Us Out. The part that I liked is where she relates the story of how a congressman answered this question: “was he elected to exercise his judgment as to what is the best thing to do, or was he elected … to carry out what the voters want”. Some well known talking-heads in the media addressed the same question. She points out correctly that they all got the answer wrong. The desires of the constituents (that’s you and I) do not supercede the constitution. What any elected official or appointed judge may think is best for the country, does not supercede the constitution. The constitution should always be the guide and the compass that these people should follow.

Our first priority in achieving our agenda is to get Obama and his people out of our government. Four more years of his dictatorial actions are not acceptable. He will ignore Congress as he has throughout his first term. He doesn’t even listen to Congressman an Senators in his own Party. He has told them they will get no help from hid campaign fund raising. They are on their own. He doesn’t care if they get reelected or not. this campaign is all about him getting reelected.

Although the Republicans have demonstrated that they don’t follow the constitution either, this is where most conservatives reside. By supporting Tea Party vetted candidates we will, over time, make the Republican Party the party of the constitution. We have a long road to travel and now is the time to start the journey with the first step. I don’t expect to live to see our dream come true. My most fervent hope is that my grandchildren will see the dream come true.

The buck has arrived and it must stop here. My generation and the generation of my sons must pay the price of the generations past. We must find the messages and the way to deliver those messages to the ignorant and to the apathetic that we must accept the pain of undoing what generations of Democrat progressives and statist Republicans have done to us. They need to know that big government is their enemy. They need to know that a politician that tells them they can make things better and never mentions anything about pain, they are lying. We need converts,  my friends. We need a lot of converts. As I said in a recent post, we must bring about a revolution in the American mind-set. What we do in the coming months and years will determine if our grandchildren will live in freedom or serfdom. The situation is that serious.

That path back to freedom will be long and difficult. Our battle for hearts and minds of the American people will be resisted by the Democrats, the Main Stream Media and, by Hollywood. The path to serfdom is very short. The progressives have almost completed their plan to transform America into their idea of utopia where the Federal Government and their mega-corporate partners will control every aspect of our lives.

Our choice for our grandchildren is Freedom or Serfdom. Which will it be?

Well, that’s  what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?