Romney On The Road To Victory!

Posted on October 4, 2012


I caught parts of the debate last night thanks to Fox News live streaming it. I thought Romney missed a few golden opportunities to make Obama look bad; but on the whole he did very well. Romney was much more in control of the facts and Obama looked dejected. It had to be hard on his enormous ego. This morning the consensus seem to agree with my take. Even the MSNBC socialists were disappointed in Obama’s performance. If you havent seen this video, get over to Bunkerville and watch Chris Mathews go through a complete an utter meltdown. It is hilarious!

So, feeling a little upbeat this morning, I thought i would try to give a little more reason to feel good about Romney’s chances of winning this election. The polls have many of us worried. They show Obama ahead by a few percentage points in the popular vote; but more worrisome  is that he is shown to be leading, in some cases by a significant margin, in crucial swing states. As I said in this post, I don’t buy what these polls are selling. On November 6, I see Romney channeling Reagan and Obama channeling Dewey. However, we must be concerned that this election could be close, especially in the Electoral College tally. I know that many of my conservative friends are worried that our libertarian friends could deny Romney the election by them voting third party, Gary Johnson. This is what I want to talk about today.

I have a number of libertarian blogger friends. One you know of is Brian at Frankenstein Government. Most of you know that although I am not a libertarian, I am within spitting distance of being one. Brian and I agree on many if not most things. Where we sometimes differ is not in the analysis of the problem but in the solution. Brian is going to vote for Gary Johnson. He has been fed up with both of our two principle parties for a long time. In his post linked above, he lays out his compelling reason for not being able to support the Republican Party or their candidate. He believes that the Republican party is just as corrupt as the Democratic Party and can not be reformed. He argues that the American voters have supported one or the other of these two parties forever and if they continue to do so they can expect to get the same bad results.

What we know doesn’t work- is going over the cliff. We have seen the results of that. I said that in 2000, 2004, 2008. I will say it again. Romney is not the solution. He is more of the same. The elite have given you your two selections. They don’t care who you vote for just so long as you vote for one of THEIR two candidates. The two party monopoly, which is really just a one party monopoly, is the greatest fraud ever foisted upon us. But I gotta say- it keeps working. Largely because of millions of people like this who simply can’t find the solution. They color the base of the cliff. Instead of solving the problem…they treat the symptoms…and thus the disease continues. Behold a carrier.

This is the comment I left for Brian with some minor editing for typos.

But, why do you put all the fault on the two-party system and the politicians and none on the electorate, Brian? The parties are run by a small group of elites because the majority of the electorate allows it to happen. They don’t get involved in the local and state and federal level of the parties and so have no input on who the candidates will be. We really do get the governments we deserve. I don’t see that the Libertarian party will be any different. You may be happy with their choice of candidate. But, how many people were actually involved in choosing that candidate. Was there a better option? The Libertarian Party is small and has a very active base. So, the percentage of party members involved in selecting your candidate was much higher than it was for the Democrats or Republicans. I predict that as the Libertarian party grows, the same thing will happen. It will be controlled by a small group of elites.

I’m just saying…

Now, I identified myself as a Republican for far too many years. I should have woken up after Nixon, But I didn’t wake up until after Bush II. I believe that the Tea Party movemnet’s efforts to reform the Republican Party is the best answer for America. Brian thinks it is to abandon the two party system and suppoert the Libertarian Party and in this election that means voting for Gary Johson. [ It will be interesting to watch the New Mexico results on election night. I lived many years in New Mexico. It has been a solid Democrat state for years. Yet, they elected Gary Johson as a Republican Governor and he was very popular. Because many of my Libertarian Party friends have said that they are drawing more people from the Democrats than the Republicans, there is a slight possiblity that Joson could pull enough votes in New Mexico to give the state to Romney. A very small chance I grant you.]

So, the question is: will the libertarians voting for Gary Johnson hurt Romney’s chances? Well, Bruce McQuain at Questions and Observations wrote about a recent CATO poll of likely libertarian voters and here is the result:

Romney 70%
Obama 13%
Johnson 14%
Other 3%

So, be of good cheer, my friends. This humble observer is still predicting a Romney victory. and, if you need even more reason to feel good, get over to Bunkerville and watch that Chis mathews video. It is priceless. As Bunker said, it does appear that Mathews has lost that tingle in his leg.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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