Benghazi Investigations Are Focused On The Wrong Timeframe

Posted on November 29, 2012


My good friend who operates the Spellchek blog addressed this issue back in October. I agreed with him then and the more I think about the more I am convinced of it.

This is what is causing my frustration. Except for some limited questioning by congressional investigators of our State Department about why they decided not to provide adequate security for our diplomatic mission in Libya, all their investigating efforts have been focused on the day of the attack and what happened afterwards.

So far, approaching three months since the Benghazi tragedy, the investigations and Fox News have spent most of their time probing into why stand-down orders were given if they were given, why no assistance was given to the two ex.Nacy Seals who fought to their deaths against overwhelming terrorist forces for about seven hours, and why did this administration deliberately mislead the American public for two weeks about the true nature of the attack on our mission in Benghazi.  Don’t misunderstand me. Absolutely we deserve the answers to those important questions. My point is that if the investigators are serious about getting to the truth on those issues, they need to move the focus of their investigation to an earlier timeframe.

The answers we are seeking will be known when investigators expose what our government was up to in Libya during the months prior to the attacks on our Benghazi Consulate and the CIA outpost nearby.

What information that has leaked out about what our government was doing all points to the same conclusion. President Obama, his State Department, and the CIA were involved in a criminal activity. They were operating another illegal gun running operation. Not only were they breaking US laws, they were breaking international laws.  Our government was well aware when it decided to participate in overthrowing the government of Libya that there was a large cash of arms, including dangerous ground-to-air missiles that could take down commercial airliners and that it would be very bad if those arms fell into the wrong hands. Of course, that is exactly was happened. as anyone with half a brain could have predicted. So, after the fact, the CIA came up with a plan to bribe buy back those arms from the numerous militant groups, including some with ties to al Qaeda.  Then the CIA had a brainstorm and decided it would be a peachy idea to funnel those arms they were buying to the radical Muslim groups trying to tumble the government of Assad in Syria. They enlisted the help of Ambassador Stevens in Libya either, willingly or not, because he was truly one of America’s experts in the region and had great contacts with, for example, the Turkish government who could place the arms in the hands of selected militants in the Syrian civil war. According to some of the Fox News reports some of the militant groups in Libya were not happy with what the CIA was doing with arms they felt were rightfully their heritage from helping to bring down Gaddafi and it was probably  they who attack our mission and killed the Ambassador and three other brave Americans. [By the way, did some of those arms the CIA was diverting end up in the hands of Hamas in Gaza?  Was that just another SNAFU or was that intentional?]

This is why I believe we will finally get the answer we all want, if our invest move their focus of their investigation to learning what this administration was up to in Libya in the months ahead of the attack. That  is where the skeletons are buried who have all the answers that will explain what the Obama administration is really trying to cover up.

The Democratic National Committee’s news outlets have already begun their campaign to convince the American public that the Republican obsession on Benghazi is nothing more than sour grapes and ugly partisan politics. I am concerned that unless the congressional investigations can blow the lid off the criminal activities of the Obama’s administration in Libya, the truth and all of our unanswered questions will be swept under the proverbial rug.

Although, if the truth were known, it would be impeachable evidence against Barack Obama, I am under no illusion that impeachment will ever happen. My hope would be that if the congressional investigation exposed what our government was doing, and even though our media will continue to be complicit in the cover up, this scandal, unlike the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, might get the attention of international news media and that may force our media to finally cover the story. If that could happen, then at the very least, more of America’s public would know the truth and would know just how corrupt the Obama administration really is.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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