Hollywood’s Political Agenda

Posted on December 20, 2012


The United States will become the world’s largest oil producer by around 2020, temporarily overtaking Saudi Arabia, as new exploration technologies help find more resources, the International Energy Agency forecast on Monday.

That quote comes from a November 12, 2012, Fox News article. It has to do with the discovery of huge deposits of natural gas that can be and are being developed using a process call fracking, where by rock formations deep below the surface are fractured using high pressure water and chemical injections. The process is not new. There are over 50,000 oil and gas wells operating in America that were developed with the fracking technique. Although the “save the earth” “global warming” “environmental extremest” are claiming all kinds of unacceptable “potential” risk to the environment and to the health and well being of Americans from the use of fracking, there is no evidence from the 50,000 existing wells of any problems. Most of the left-hand threaded wingnuts know the truth about fracking but they persist in trying to ban its use. Why? I believe there are two reasons. One is that some of these nuts really believe the “gospel of global warming”. The other reason is that the environmental movement was infiltrated by Marxists years ago and their only goal is the destruction of capitalism in America and the world.

The hypocrisy is so evident that one wonders just how gullible is the average American? The Sierra Club for years was a proponent of natural gas as an environmentally clean alternative to other fossil fuels. But, that was when natural gas was scarce. Now that the potential exist to have abundant cheap and clean energy, they are fighting fracking tooth and nail. The UN’s IPCC scientist, who invented the global warming scare, have now reported that their data doesn;t fit their models. Imagine that! Inform The Pundits has the story.

But, facts and logic are of no interest to those who are hell-bent on destroying Western civilization. And, that includes the left-hand threaded wingnuts in Hollywood.

Jeffery Folks, writing for American Thinker, tells us about a new movie due to hit the big screens on the 28th of this month called The Promised Land;  a film co-written and starring Matt Damon.

The subject of Promised Land is the potential damage of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on a small Pennsylvania town. …

There is an interesting twist in this story by Folks. According to his sources the film was partially funded by Abu Dhabi.

Could it be that the desert sheiks want to turn American public opinion against fracking so as to ensure their own influence over the gas market?  Abu Dhabi, after all, controls an estimated at 9.4% of the world’s total gas reserves.  How much more valuable will those reserves be if America turns its back on fracking and fails to develop its own energy resources?

Mr. Folks has done a good job on this article. I hope you will find time to read it. He ends his article  with this:

There is every indication that fracking will contribute to that advance in human well-being.  Imagine Americans in 2112 living ten times better than we do today.  That is the real promise of fracking and other new technologies.

And that is the reason why fracking has become an object of attack.  For the left, the real threat of fracking is that it creates wealth that flows into the economy and strengthens the middle class, making it less likely that America will become a socialist state.  National prosperity is the last thing the left wants, because prosperity stands in the way of collectivism.

What the left will never admit is that American energy-independence really is the “promised land.”  Those familiar with biblical history know that the alternative to the promised land is slavery.  And slavery is what the left has in mind for the American people.

So,  how long will the forces of truth and logic be able to resist the forces that would enslave us? I fear for not much longer. For now, at the very least, pass the word to friends and family not to attend this movie. With its title, many religious folks might go to see this movie expecting to see something very different.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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