Sequestration? America Is About To Get Screwed Again!

Posted on February 20, 2013


Asylums within asylums. There is no greater concentration of insanity than in the asylum known as the federal government of the United States of America located in Washington D.C. The players play and the payers pay.

The battle over the so-called “Sequestration” is a bad joke and the joke is on is being played on you, America.

The President, the Democrats, and their propaganda machine, the MSM, are wringing their hands  saying that the “spending cuts” in the sequestration package would devastate our economy. THERE ARE NO SPENDING CUTS! Not to any department in government, including the Department of Defense. Every department will get more money to spend in each and every year of the ten-year budget. The increases would be smaller than they would be if the “sequestration” were not now the law of the land.

Let’s make it simple. The national debt is currently about $16.7 trillion. In ten years, without the sequestration reductions in spending, the national debt will be about $ 27 trillion. If the sequestration spending reductions are allowed to take place, the national debt in ten years will be about $26 trillion. THERE ARE NO SPENDING CUTS! But, that is not what Americans will be told.

The Trap Is Set

The President and the Democrats can’t lose. The Republicans and America can’t win.

The President is on the campaign trail telling Americans that if the Republicans insist on letting the “terrible” sequestration spending reductions” take place, Teacher will be at risk of losing their jobs, first responders will be at risk of losing their jobs, and little children will be kicked out of their head start programs.

But, why if there are no real spending cuts would those terrible things happen? Because the President and the MSM will not tell America the truth. The only Americans who will know the truth are those that write and/or follow conservative blogs. And, here is the kicker. If the sequestration spending reduction happen, he, as head of the Executive Branch of government, will make sure those terrible things happen and he and the MSM will blame it all on the Republicans. The Republicans will scream foul, but no one will hear them.  The MSM will drown them out. And, just in case the MSM isn’t biased enough, David Axelrod has just signed on as a political analyst for NBC and MSNBC. The Republican control of the House would be in jeopardy in 2014.

President Obama might let the Republicans off that hook if they are willing to use a “balanced” approach to reducing deficits. The President will offer to accept half the spending reductions if the Republicans agree to close tax loopholes, there by increasing tax revenues (more money to spend). The President will remind Mr. Boehner that the loopholes he wants to cut are the same ones that he (Boehner) offered once before. If Boehner resists, the President will resort to the tactic that worked so well during the election campaign: the Republicans only want to protect the rich.  And, the President has some new ammunition. He will claim the Republicans think it is just fine that  Facebook makes a billioon dollars and not only does not pay any income tax, they get a refund of $429 million.

And, that, dear friends, is how the asylum in Washington works. Knowing how to play politics, allows the most incompetent man to ever hold the Office of the President to keep on winning. Get out the Vaseline, America, you are about to get the shaft again!

Weill, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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