The Politics of Oil and Gas __ No. 4, “Life is for the Birds”

Posted on March 15, 2013


A big H/T to Questions and Observations for this bit of insanity.

From this source we learn of some “chilling” news about life and death across the pond in the United Kingdom.

WINTER weather has killed a million Brits since the 1980s and will kill a million more by 2050, experts have warned.

Age support groups and doctors blame poor housing, high energy bills and pensioner poverty.

Many killed by the cold are elderly but the ill, vulnerable and very young also die.


The death toll since 1982/83 covers the period of the Government’s Keep Warm, Keep Well winter health campaign, launched after average winter deaths in the early 1980s soared to 42,000.


“The causes are poor housing, low pensioner incomes and high energy prices. The Government is complacent and must do more to help.”

The UK imports most of its natural gas at about four times the price paid in the US. The recent discovery of shale gas in the UK is definitely good news. The sooner they can bring that gas into production, the sooner they can reduce the winter mortality rates for the old, the infirm, and the poor. You would think that the British government would move heaven and earth to get that low-cost gas flowing, right? Well, if you think the Green Winnie’s have too much power in the US, it is worse in Europe and in the UK. The Times tells the story:

Migrating birds have halted Britain’s embryonic shale gas expansion in its tracks.

The company backed by Lord Browne, the former BP boss, admitted yesterday that it must delay resuming fracking near Blackpool until next year because of rules protecting thousands of birds wintering in the surrounding picturesque Fylde peninsula.

So, there you have it. Life in the  UK is for the birds. For the elderly and the infirm, not so much. For the Brits and their quintessential “stiff upper lips”,  may actually be frozen solid.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


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