The Obama Way __ If Caught Breaking The Law, Change The Law

Posted on December 4, 2013


The arrogance of the Obama is beyond the ability of any common metric to measure. This story carried at Commentary demonstrates that Barack Obama not only sees himself above the law, he is the law in his narcissistically warped mind.

We on the Right have not forgotten the IRS scandal of targeting conservative  groups apply for tax free status during the 2012 election cycle. But, one has to wonder if anyone else remembers. The administration hopes that this scandal has been swept under the rug by the plethora of other scandals and headline grabbing news. Their efforts to convince the public that the targeting of conservative groups was the act of a few rogue agents in Cincinnati, Ohio, was washed away by the evidence that pointed to the White House, if not the Oval Office. Obama’s handlers knew, of course, that they were breaking the law when they directed the IRS to block conservative groups from getting tax free status during the 2012 presidential campaign season and, thereby, help Barack Obama win a second term. Obama’s handlers know that what they did is an impeachable offense. So, what to do when caught breaking the law? if you have the power, and they do, you have the law changed so what you did becomes perfectly legal. And, thanks to the Commentary article, we now know that the IRS has quietly changed the law regarding tax exempt status:

Last week, the IRS unveiled an end-run around the problem of illegally targeting conservatives with a rules change. The new policy would reverse a 54-year-old regulation and essentially eliminate an entire class of advocacy groups that just happens to be used by far more right-wing activists than left-wingers. But to ensure that this transparently political maneuver by an agency that is supposed to be above partisanship got as little coverage as possible, the change was announced Tuesday with the rule only being posted on the Federal Register on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The pre-holiday news dump was largely successful as the development was buried over the long weekend. But the proposed change, which would severely limit the ability of advocacy groups to gain the crucial advantage afforded by those with tax-exempt-status, should not go unchallenged. The shift would essentially legalize the attempt by some in the IRS to target activists that came under fire back in the spring. Changing the rules in this manner is merely another effort by liberals to regulate and suppress political speech.

Very clever of the Obama criminals to have the rule change published on the Friday after Thanksgiving, don’t you think?

It is outrageous the way President Obama has changed the Obamacare law on the fly to suit his needs. This IRS rule change, however, goes way beyond outrageous. This rule change is designed to silence the voices of grassroot conservative organizations. This rule change is politics at its very worst. This story needs to go viral, my friends. Please help spread the word.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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