Three Reads That Give Me Hope

I came upon three great reads yesterday that lifted my spirits and gave me more reason to have hope for our embittered nation. In spite of the general prognostication of an overwhelming Republican victory on this coming Tuesday, there are many gloom and doom pundits that claim it’s too little too late. Our economy, according to them is headed for a […]

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A Glimpse of the Future?

The violent demonstrations that took place in Greece are being replayed in France. The jig is up and no one wants to accept that the game is over. The citizens of these socialist countries have gotten real comfortable living off of other people’s money. The French are up in arms because the government wants to raise […]

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Our Destiny?

  I picked this photo from Alan Caruba’s Freedom Pup post the other day. Here’s who I’d like to send this photo. Who would be your picks? President Obama Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi Paul Krugman Chief Editor – New York Times Chief Editor – Washington Post All other MSM wingnuts

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Energy Indepence _ Why Not?

Ready! Fire! Aim!That seems to sum-up America’s energy policy and maybe that of the European Union as well. For years now, our fearless leaders have produced one law after another mandating higher fuel efficiency in cars sold in America.  America has allowed the “green weenies” to thwart more use of cheaper and arguably saver nuclear […]

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Is Government needed at all?

The Libertarians would have us believe that government is not necessary for man to live free and prosper. I read, on a regular basis, the works of many Libertarians, I’m a fan of the Mises Institute and of Austrian economics. Some of my favorite  contemporary Libertarian writers are Thomas Sowell, Tom Woods, Gary North, Lew Rockwell, Bruce McQuain  et. […]

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Some People Will Never Get It

Dana Milbank at the Washington Post is proof positive that some people will get it when it comes to the Tea Party movement. See his article here. In the title of his article he accuses the Tea Party of being “populist posers”. Here’s how he introduces his subject: “On the morning of Oct. 14, a cyber-insurgency […]

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A Rip van Winkle Experience

I’ve lived the life of an expatriate in Venezuela for the last 17 years. During the first six years I made numerous trips back to the US for business and for vacations which allowed me to stay reasonably abreast to what was going on in my homeland. Also, in those days there was an English language […]

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Asking More From Our Pundits

There is no shortage of conservative bloggers and writers. Some are better than others. A relative handful are in a class by themselves. We all have our favorites. They inspire us. I follow my favorites every day. They motivate me to continue writing my humble blogs. Because they are the brightest and best of conservative […]

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America’s Political Teeter-Totter

Much has been written of late about the state of  mind of the Republican Party establishment. The Republican leadership is worried about what they think is a temporary mood swing among voters for a  much more conservative Republican Party; i.e., the Tea Party influence. The establishment Republicans are worried that the new more conservative Congressmen and Senators […]

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