Has Paul Krugman Changed Sides?

Nah. It’s probably my mind playing tricks on me. That happens to senior citizens sometimes. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have one of those “Piled higher and Deeper” (PhD) certificates in economics.  I don’t know. I’ve read his NYT article “Eating the Irish” three times and I keep coming to the same conclusion. He appears to […]

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It’s Time for Action!

A hat tip to LewRockwell.Com for this link to the Off the Grid News blog. I actually found two articles worthy of our attention. The second one has to do with S 510 and I will make a post about that later today, so stay tuned. The list presented below is taken from an article […]

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We The People _ Culpa Mia

I owe a debt of gratitude to Dave of the Liberty4USA blog for proving a link in his comment on my Thanksgiving Day post “Influence Peddlers, Influence Buyers”. The link that Dave provided is to a blog called Plubius Huldah. The author of this blog is a lawyer and an expert in constitutional law and in […]

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The Crisis That Never Was?

What if the financial crisis of 2008 wasn’t real? What if it was just a flim-flam? What if Paulson was just taking care of his crony friends? Are these just rhetorical questions? According to Gary North, author and frequent commentator at LewRockwell.Com, and   David Stockman, former budget director for President  Ronald Reagan, these question may […]

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Cronyism Revisited

Yesterday someone who calls himself Liberty4USA  was digging through the archives of the Freedom Pub, where I regularly cross-post,  and he left a comment on an essay I posted on 11 October of this year. The title of the essay was “Cronyism Knows No boundaries”. To my surprise, the Heartland Institute (owner of the Freedom Pub) selected […]

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