Get Out The Snow Shovels

Republicans are celebrating while Democrats are licking their wounds. And me? Well I’m still trying to understand American history; the history of how we were able to create the greatest nation on earth and sow the seeds of its demise at the same time. How is it that so many Americans, myself included, are under the impression that our constitution was based on the primes that our republic was to be defined by a small limited government and that the real power was to reside in people and the states? I ask this question because from day one the goal of those elected to preside over our government has been to build a large powerful and centralized federal government. We called our new nation the Republic of the United States of America. Unfortunately we didn’t start out united at all. We started out polarized. It was the Hamiltonians versus the Jeffersonians. The two-party political system was born as we began the journey of becoming the greatest economic and military power the world had ever known.

From the very beginning, all was not well in our new nation. The Hamiltonians had a great deal of influence over how this country would mature. The Hamiltonians believed that government should be left in the hands of the elite, they promoted the controversial idea of a central bank, and they believed government should use its power to promote business, manufacturing and trade. The use of “its power to promote” led almost immediately to cronyism. So, elitism and cronyism were with us from the beginning and, of course, both are still alive and well today.

In spite of elitism and cronyism, American prosperity did flourish thanks to free market capitalism. For the first 100 years or so, the federal government remained relatively small. But as the 20th century dawned, things began to change The year 1913 was a turning point in American history. This is the year that the 16th Amendment passed giving the federal government the right to tax all income, in other words, legalized theft and the immoral redistribution of wealth. This was the year that the 17th amendment was passed providing that Senators would henceforth be elected by popular vote, which was the death knoll for states rights. This was the year that the Federal Reserve System was created giving a private corporation total control over our monetary system and set the stage for the abomination of fractional banking and the worst case of cronyism ever. Because when the Fed became the bank of last resort, this allowed private banks to run as far amuck as they pleased, because the Fed would be there to save them at the expense of the tax payers.

The size and cost of government really began growing in the 1930’s. This is when the political elite, to keep themselves in power, began to incorporate socialist ideas into their strategy of strengthening their political base.. It’s generally agreed that President F. D. Roosevelt got the snowball rolling with his New Deal program during the Great Depression. President Johnson gave more momentum to the snowball with his Great Society program. Medicade and Medicare programs came into being . Under President Nixon the Environmental Protection Agency was formed and soon came a plethora of regulations for the protection of air quality, water quality wilderness, wetlands, biodiversity, toxic waste and much much more.  With every succeeding administration, the government snowball continued to grow relentlessly Then came president Obama who apparently believed he had a mandate to push the snowball off the side of a hill with his Obamacare plan, his stimulus and bailout plan and financial industry control plan. Unfortunately for all of us, the snowball got away from him and went speeding down the hill until it crashed into the wall of reality. On top of all the above, the federal courts and the Supreme Court have allowed personal politics to color their decisions and thereby making the Constitution a meaningless document.

The wall of reality is the only thing keeping us from falling into the great abyss. The weight of snow has the wall at its breaking point. The question now is, will our newly elected conservatives be up to the task of beginning to shovel away over 200 years of history? It’s an awesome task and maybe they will never be able to remove all the snow. But, one shovel load at a time will eventually reduce the pressure on the wall of reality. There will be those who will attempt to throw more snow on the pile and others who will try to tempt our workers away from their task by offering them multiflavored snow cones. It is the job of the rest of us conservatives to maintain vigilance and give our workers encouragement and a cup of hot tea when they need it.

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2 thoughts on “Get Out The Snow Shovels

  1. Jim…Your brief run down of the historical fight to maintain American freedom against the onslaught of elitism reminds me that our fight is age-old and ongoing. The incidental socialist has become commonplace now in our society, and has been orchestrated to become so, through the socialist educational system, until socialism sucks all the oxygen out of the air. Elitists will always try to take power away from individuals. Americans are becoming aware of the lies and subterfuge that created this mess.
    The EPA is a good example for your snowball. What started out as a government initiative for a clean environment, has turned into a regulatory monster against private property rights and is promoting government take-overs of growing swaths of land all over the country through the “lands conservancies and trusts.” The socialists always start with a sweet sounding premise to suck people into their programs, and then they turn those programs into anti-U.S. Constitution mandates. It’s a clever ruse that they continually use to take over our country in all sectors.
    If we can’t get people to grasp the subterfuge, we are doomed to go down in history with the rest of fallen nations. Like you, I hope this election is a beginning, of hope. to turn back the evil of socialism. Let’s keep standing up for freedom.

    1. Thanks Cheryl for your kind words. Your point about getting people to grasp the subterfuge is exactly right. It is paramount that we find a way to make people see that what they believe about the so-called progressive philosophy is a myth and it must be debunked.

      Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy the way you write with such clarity.


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