S.O.S., The Bipartisan Lame Ducks Plan to Finish Us Off

So you thought nothing could be worse than Obamacare. Silly you. Our lame duck congress has bipartisan support for a poison pill that will put an end to freedom in America. It goes by Senate Bill, S 510, and has the feel good name “Food Safety Modernization Act”. Of course they doing this with the good intentions of protecting we fools from contaminated food. After all, it is only by some miracle that we have survived all these years without Big Brother there to protect us. We all know where the road paved with good intentions leads; is that what we want as our final destination?

If you are not familiar with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), then please Google it, learn about i,t and I think you’ll agree that this bill would create a bureaucracy and cost structure that will make Obamacare look like chump change. With Bush’s Homeland Security,Obamacare, and FSMA, the closet Fabian socialist, like Barak Obama, Hilary Clinton and George Soros, will have completed 90% of their plan to convert the United States into a socialist/Marxist country. And we will be looking around at each other and wondering, how did this happen? Our statist political class know very well that we don’t want this program foisted on us; but they don’t care what we want. They are convinced that only they know what is best for us.

When will we, as a society, learn that no government can or should try to protect us from all of life’s risks. IT DOESN’T WORK! It only leads to the loss of our freedom, and of our rights. We don’t need our government telling us what kind of light bulbs we can use, or that we must use gasoline mixed with ethanol, or that we must pay taxes to subsidize costly and inefficient solar and wind energy projects, or telling us the right to work is not our right, or what kind of health service we can have, and certainly not who can produce and sell  food to us.

This lame duck congress is about to do us very serious harm unless we act now to stop them. Call, write , or E-mail your congressman telling him/her to vote against the Food Safety Modernization Act.  March in the streets everywhere. Don’t allow the socialist to control even more of our lives. If we don’t stop this bill, we will soon be calling each other comrade.

Note: A hat tip to Cheryl Pass of My Tea Party Chronicles for reminding me about S 510. If you’ve never visited Cheryl’s site, I highly recomend it.

11 thoughts on “S.O.S., The Bipartisan Lame Ducks Plan to Finish Us Off

  1. My personal belief is that this lame duck congress should not be permitted to pass anything. The people have spoken and they have said in a loud and clear voice ENOUGH! Great post.

  2. They are going to try to pass as much poison as they can. Consider it a “scorched Earth” strategy.

    I’ve added you at the Conservative Hideout. Great blog!

  3. Thanks for the hat tip and the recommendation, Jim! The update on S 510 at Frankenstein’s is great, too.

    We will keep our heads up and keep speaking out.

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