Stories from the Dark Side

I was inspired to write today’s post by this photo provided by the wacky wizards at The Peoples Cube, a fun place to visit.

Over the last several decades, the Fabian socialist have infiltrated our institutions (specially or education system and organized labor), gotten themselves elected to public office at every level, and have been systemically changing America into a socialist state where everything in our lives will be decided by the state. They’ve doneit  in such a way that only a relatively few people have noticed what has been happening.

Today I want to share some examples of what I’m calling “Stories from the Dark Side”. They are , for me, mind wrenching examples of how far we’ve fallen into the socialist trap. I will give you my short version of the story and a link to the full story.  If you have similar stories you’d like to share, please send them to me at “gemgordy at hotmail dot com” and I’ll add them to the post along with giving you credit. With your support, maybe this could become a once a month series.

Here are my contributions:

  • From A Conservative School Teacher we have a personal story from the author, a high school social studies teacher (CT) from somewhere in Michigan. CT keeps a small library of books in his classroom that promote the practice and belief in liberty and freedom. About a week before the incidence took place, one of CT’s students check-out the book “Moral Basis for Liberty”. The book, we are told, is about why liberty and freedom are desirable things for society. The incidence occurred a social studies department meeting. CT was approach by what he described as a group of “liberal” teachers. The spokesman for the group told CT: “It has come to our attention that you are spreading your propaganda around the school, giving books to students on subjects that are controversial and debatable.” I mean, WTF is going on here! You really need to read the whole story.


  • Our next story from the dark side takes place in California and comes to  us via American Whatchtower.  Steve Dennis, the host of American Watchtower, tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who rode his bike to school  every day. For two months the boy had an American flag flying from the back of his bike. Then one day the Superintendent of  the Denair Middle School told the boy that the American flag was no longer permitted on school property. It seems that some other students were offended by the flag and the school did not want to provoke any racial tensions. Can you believe this crap. This can not be happening in the United States of America. Read the whole story. Denis does a great job and there is an excellent video.


  • This story again comes from A Conservative Teacher and again takes place in California. We are all familiar with San Francisco’s attempt to ban toys in Mc Donalds Happy meals because they belive the toys provoke children to want to eat unhealthy food.  Well it just keeps getting better (madder) in California. CT tells us that according to CBS San Francisco there may soon be a measure on the ballot  in San Francisco _ are you ready for this _ banning circumcision. The measure would make it a misdemeanor to circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the…. genitals of a person under 18. Is it any wonder why California is near bankruptcy?

If there are any constitutional lawyers reading this post, I have a question. Can we vote to throw California out of the Union? ¡Por Favor!

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9 thoughts on “Stories from the Dark Side

  1. That first story is great.

    I am racking my brain for specific examples of socialism, and besides the whole Obama agenda, I can’t seem to find any.

    Good stuff, I will keep my eye out. =)

      1. I don’t want to give a forum to all the nuts who would comment on my blog (liberals mostly- I get a lot of hate mail), and don’t have time to monitor them. Thanks for reading though- I try.

  2. Socialism is slavery plain and simple. These stories were indeed deeply disturbing. I for one believe we must drive these people and their flawed ideology back into the shadows, the fringes of the political landscape. They should not be a part of the political conversation in America. I have ZERO use for them. Great post Jim.

  3. You have picked your stories well.

    I don’t know that we can expel them, but I think that anyone who believes in freedom and is a producer should leave. Let Calipornia wallow in its progressive fail.

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