Checkout this Free Market Project post by Pat Slattery

I frequently do guest posts at the Free Market Project of Pat Slattery. The other day he made a post I’d like to share with you. Here’s a teaser:

How Far the Democrats Have Not Come Since the Civil War

Many people of color in America, such as Star Parker, refer to “the Government plantation.”  It is because the Democrats’ marketing scheme is “we’ll help poor underprivileged you, because you are unable to help yourself… as long as you keep voting for us.”  They do not say to minorities, “You’re equal in every way.  Let’s get to work!”  They say, “Oh, do you have it bad!  There’s no way you can ever be equal without our help.  You, my friends, are not equal and you need us to help you get anything you get.”  Let me ask a simple question:  In a relationship where one person is abusing another, mentally or physically, isn’t it extremely common for the abusive person to continually make the abused feel unworthy and incapable so that the abuser can continue to dominate them?  Why is it any different in politics?  I’m not saying the average Joe Democrat has that mentality, but I am saying that the average Joe Democrat has been brainwashed into thinking they are being good (though ultimately condescending) as they support elites who know that the success in real American terms, success in generating prosperity and upward mobility, of minorities will have them stop voting Democrat.  They will no longer buy into the marketing.  It is Democrats who have wanted to dominate the minds (and bodies) of minorities for over a century and a half.   

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3 thoughts on “Checkout this Free Market Project post by Pat Slattery

  1. The psychology you describe is right on target. The left is very very good at this. The question I keep asking is, why do minorities keep buying it? Mostly I ask this because the enslavement is so blatant that you would think they would run for their lives away from such plantation tactics. I don’t get it. Drives me nuts!

    Maybe we need to figure this out in order to educate those who get sucked down the sewer in this game. Partly I think it is the old chip on the shoulder, “you owe me, whitey,” mentality. And how do you change that?

    It isn’t going to be easy. Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams have the answers to this…if only the minorities would pay attention to them.


  2. Cheryl, you’re right on with the part about Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams. Now we have some more elected minority Republicans. I dare people to ignore Col. Allen West! I have to laugh (though I want to cry) when people say white Republicans and Tea Party members don’t like Pres. Obama because he’s black. I don’t know of any thoughtful Republican or Tea Party member who wouldn’t vote for a presidential ticket that included Thomas Sowell.

    It may just take time and more minority Republicans elected to office. It will also take us waving the free market capitalism banner and letting people know that they will be much better off and welcomed with open arms if they join us. More and more people will be making the point that the Democrats now have decades of unfulfilled promises to minorities and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Democrats benefit by minorities NOT advancing economically. In fact, the ineffective programs that the Democrats propose and implement, that keep minorities tied to the Democrat party and to big government, actually hurt the overall prosperity of the nation, which always makes the poorer people suffer the most. We just need to keep pointing that out.

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