A Three Point Plan from Left of the Left

I came across this bizarre plan to get our economy roaring again on an extreme left blog known as The Smirking Chimp. The article, “Job Preservation”, written by someone who calls himself JMadison will twist  and tie your mind in knots.

The author has developed a three-point plan to combat the money-grubbing corporate tendency outsource work to workers in other countries and to building their factories in other countries and then reimporting the products. Both of these practices by corporations  have resulted in American job loses.

Under point one, we find this:

“If an employer decides to, say, use Indian engineers in India, then make them pay full employment and income taxes on these “outside contractors” that aren’t even working in the US. Make them pay both halves of FICA, Federal income tax, and even state income tax. Assess the tax based on US wages, rather than what they’re actually paying the foreign contractors.”

“Another factor that can put US made goods at an advantage are transportation costs. A few years ago, when gas went to $4/gallon, transportation costs increased enough that it drove up orders to American furniture manufacturers. It’s cheap transportation that makes it economical to build heavy items overseas and import them here, rather than buying domestically.”

The heavy corporate tax burden is part of the reason that American  companies have trouble competing in world markets and companies outsource and build factories in other countries to make themselves more competitive. But according to this smirking chimp, if we increase taxes more these companies will be able to produce their products here at home. Hmmm.You think? And by artificially increasing transportation cost, for everything moved in America, we can save American jobs. You bet! This economy s**t  is  easier than I thought.

Now, because government spending on stuff stimulates job growth, we find this under point two of his plan:

“Every Federal office should have new furniture, coffee makers, fixtures, whatever. Complete makeovers. All government buildings should have new facades. Every American should get a microwave for Christmas from Uncle Sam.”

“But it would all have to be American made. Final assembly in the US from at least 90% US sourced parts, or no contract.”

Wow! At this point I’m really beginning to like this guy. Imagine _ free microwaves!

Under point three, he takes care of the military. Here is what he plans:

“Cut military spending in almost every other area, but don’t shrink the size of its “workforce”. It’s the country’s largest employer, and we don’t need yet more unemployed people.”

“Here’s where infrastructure spending comes in. Much of the military could easily be converted into an infrastructure corps, similar to the Army Corps of Engineers, but much bigger.”

So we displace civilian workers from infrastructure work and use the military instead. Damn, that’ll work! And just think, if we ever get into an infrastructure war, are guys will be ready to kick butt.

What is scary about this guy is that he deadly serious and according to the comments on his article, so are a lot of other people. It’s no wonder our country is in the mess that it is..

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5 thoughts on “A Three Point Plan from Left of the Left

  1. Hahaha, your commentary is priceless. =)

    This guy should be an economics professor at Harvard, or on Obama’s econ team. Its not like he could do any worse than they are.

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