¡Que Tengan Un Buen Dia de Gracia!

After a 10 hour 40 minute power outage, it looks like I won’t have time to finish what I was planning to post for today. So I tought I’d at least like to wish all my blogger friends back in the States a most happy Thanks Giving Day and may your favorite teams win tomorrow. While enjoying your holiday feast, you might give a fleeting thought to this old gringo capitalist, running loose in the land of Chavismo and eating his black beans and rice. Ja!

Since I couldn’t make my post today , I will try to post tomorrow since Thanks Giving isn’t celebrated here. So if you find time between football games, drop on by. Just don’t tell me about all the great food you ate. I will hate you forever.


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8 thoughts on “¡Que Tengan Un Buen Dia de Gracia!

      1. I noticed that you said you were not in the States. If you don’t mind my asking, where are you living?

        By the way, I have added you to the blog roll at Political Realities.

      2. I’ve been in Venezuela for nearly 18 years. It was my work that brought here originally (mining). I retired about 12 years ago. It has been interesting to say the least. Choices and consequences. Not all good but not all bad.

        I’m originally from Michigan.


        Have a nice one, Larry.

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