More on S 510 _ You Won’t Like It

The Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510) could go to an up and down vote this week. An article at th Off Grid News blog reveals more bad news about what is contained in this bill. According to OGN blogger,  Carmen, in her article “The Tyranny of S510“, not only do the government and big agriculture companies want total control over our food supply they also want total control over seeds as well. This article is well worth reading. Here are a few snips::

First this:

What many people don’t realize is that the FDA has a list it calls “sources of seed contamination”. To better protect us from ourselves, the FDA has now defined “seed” as a “food”, so now our seeds can be controlled through “food safety”.

Then this:

The big agriculture giants want to make you dependent on them for any seed, even if it’s heirloom seed. They know that they need the regulatory heft of Big Brother in order to accomplish this. First they need to eliminate seed cleaning equipment. They get the FDA to set minimum “food safety” standards for seed cleaning so that any farmer would need at least a million dollars in structure and equipment to meet the new requirements.

And lastly this:

Set the standard for “food safety” and certification high enough that no one can afford it and punish anyone who tries to save seed in ways that have worked fine for thousands of years, and just like that, you have criminalized seed banking.

The penalties are tremendous, with a million dollar a day fine and/or ten years in prison. The goal is to make monopoly over seeds absolute.  The USDA will be in control of small gardeners, there will be an end to seed exchanges, organic seed companies, and an end to the freedom to pursue happiness in America as we see fit, reducing us to a sole dependence on corporations for our very means of survival.

And there you have it. Government and some big corporate “influence buyers” want to control our food chain from seed to table. Any guess as to what percentage of the American public is aware of what is about to happen to them? My ques is a small percentage.  Isn’t statist/socialism great? And as I understand it, this bill has bipartisan support. I think I’m going to be sick.

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10 thoughts on “More on S 510 _ You Won’t Like It

  1. The bipartisan support for this legislation has me baffled. You would think there wouldn’t be a single conservative supporting this legislation.

  2. There shouldn’t be a single Conservative supporitng this. I can see RINOs going for it easily, but if someone is an actual Conservative” I don’t get it.

  3. It looks like it is going to be voted on today. I am not sure how this bill has received bipartisan support either. Perhaps it is because this bill is not widely know the republicans feel they can support it in an effort at bipartisanship?

  4. To coin a phrase, we won’t know what is in it until its past. I dare say, few if any of the congressmen have read it. Or know what it will entail. I was stunned to read that the Chamber of Congress was in favor of the bill. No can compute.

  5. Larry, Matt, Steve,and Bunkerville

    I’m inclined to go with Bunkerville on this one. I doubt that many have actually read the bill and understand the implications. Safe food, what could be bad about that? The public probably won’t know what has hit them for tow or three years. The MSM has done very little to inform the public. The lobbyist have had pretty much a free ride on this one.

  6. Once again, protesting to our congress-persons, asking them to vote no on this bill fell on deaf ears. Conveniently, they pulled this off after the election so senators will get six more years after doing this kind of damage. There may be an underground economy quicker than we think….trading in seeds. Hide the backyard gardens and forget the farmer’s markets.

    The tragedy is helplessly watching this repeat of history go on and on and on and we can do nothing to stop it. Government control of food has been coming on for years in the name of “safety.” It was only a matter of time until they turned that (the FDA) into a socialist program to control all of our food supply….like health care, like energy, like all issues. If someone out there has any idea how to stop this insanity short of armed insurrection…I’d like to hear it. Elections are not getting the job done. Which I suppose is the point…they have figured out how to go around the American people and are successful at it. Our supposed “conservative” senator, Richard Burr, voted right along with our Socialist senator, Kay Hagan on this bill. In fact, Monsanto gave him money, so he co-sponsored the bill. How ducky is that?

    Me, too, Jim. We are all going to be sick due to this one.

    1. Yea. The Dems and the RHINOs are probably having a joint celebration tonight. And We the People just keep on paying. What do we say to our grandchildren? Brian at Frankenstein Government is trying to cheer me up, but I may need a few days to recover from this.


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