If Chavez Only Knew…..

For those that don’t know, I live in Venezuela and have lived here since 6 B.C. (Before Chavez). That’s a total of nearly 18 years. I tell you this so that you will know that I am qualified to talk about the President of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. Chavez ( pronounced with the accent on the first syllable Cha´-vez […]

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A Three Point Plan from Left of the Left

I came across this bizarre plan to get our economy roaring again on an extreme left blog known as The Smirking Chimp. The article, “Job Preservation”, written by someone who calls himself JMadison will twist  and tie your mind in knots. The author has developed a three-point plan to combat the money-grubbing corporate tendency outsource work to workers in other countries […]

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Know Thy Enemy

Yesterday at the Fleece Me blog, the man of sheepish wit proposed that, in order to defeat the liberals in the battle of ideas, we must first understand the liberals. I couldn’t agree more and so today I would like to make an effort to expand the subject a little further. In my somewhat twisted and […]

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Stories from the Dark Side

I was inspired to write today’s post by this photo provided by the wacky wizards at The Peoples Cube, a fun place to visit. Over the last several decades, the Fabian socialist have infiltrated our institutions (specially or education system and organized labor), gotten themselves elected to public office at every level, and have been […]

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Money, Politics, and Ethics

A can of worms or a rat’s nest are the words that come to mind when I think about the subject of money and politics. When is it legitimately supporting the candidate of one’s choice? When is it the legitimate lobbying  by a constituency to present their views on a bill before Congress? When is it […]

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