Free Market Capitalism_Can it Ever Be Truly Free?

Wikipedia provides the following definition of free market capitalism: “Free market capitalism consists of a free-price system where supply and demand are allowed to reach their point of equilibrium without intervention by the government. Productive enterprises are privately-owned, and the role of the state is limited to enforcing property rights”. I’m not sure that this definition […]

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Obamacare Laid Bare

This has to be the best analysis of Obamacare that I’ve seen yet. I found it in a post by Gary North at LewRockwell.Com. Gary gives the credit to Maxine, a cartoon character who speaks for the old geezers. Let me get this straight . . . . We’re going to be “gifted” with a […]

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Get Out The Snow Shovels

Republicans are celebrating while Democrats are licking their wounds. And me? Well I’m still trying to understand American history; the history of how we were able to create the greatest nation on earth and sow the seeds of its demise at the same time. How is it that so many Americans, myself included, are under the impression […]

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