Obama and the EPA have Declared War on America

Yesterday all of us who post at The Freedom Pub ( owned by the Heartland Institute) received the E-mail alert shown below. The EPA is making an end run around Congress and the Constitution. They issued guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions, which is outside of their authorization, on 15 November and are allowing comments only until today 1 December.  This is totalitarian government in action! Read the alert, sound the alarms, and take whatever action you can.

EPA Delivers Holiday ‘Sucker Punch’
to  U.S. Economy

Heartland Institute Explains the Unconstitutional Power Grab

While you were getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Environmental Protection Agency was cooking up a turkey of its own — a new “permitting guidance for greenhouse gases” that is unconstitutional and would extend the reach of Obama’s EPA into how nearly every American business may operate. It’s nothing less than a sucker punch to the U.S. economy, and an end-run around failed “cap-and-trade” bills that would deliver cap without the trade.
The Heartland Institute worked over the holiday weekend to draw attention to this outrage, and will continue to do so in the days and weeks ahead.

Check out Heartland’s coverage of this issue by clicking here.

Heartland’s senior fellow for legal affairs, Maureen Martin, summarizes this bureaucratic power grab:
On November 15, Obama’s EPA issued a 100-page, highly technical “guidance” document proposing that as of January 2, 2011, large sources of greenhouse gas emissions—such as power plants, steel operations, and petroleum refineries—be required to obtain preconstruction and operating permits limiting their greenhouse gas emissions and to install the “best available” technology to do so.
Comments on these new rules are due on or before December 1, 2010, a 14-day period interrupted by the four-day Thanksgiving holiday. And EPA says it will review only comments on technical aspects of the new rule.
Previously, no such permits were needed, and no greenhouse gas limits existed. It is widely agreed such new rules will drive up the costs of electricity, iron and steel, gasoline, and anything else produced by large operations, with these costs passed along to consumers already staggered by a jobless “recovery” from the recession.

 Click Here for Info about Filing Comments with the EPA.

James M. Taylor, Heartland’s senior fellow for environmental policy, has also weighed in:
Forcing power plants to purchase and implement the “best available” technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions every time a plant is built or any kind of significant maintenance or renovations occur, however, means by definition that electricity prices are going to start rising in a manner that will make the economy-shocking energy price spikes during the summer of 2008 seem downright wimpy by comparison.
For more information on this subject, click here. If you’d like to interview any of Heartland’s environmental policy experts for a story or interview on your program, please contact Tammy Nash (tnash@heartland.org) or Jim Lakely (jlakely@heartland.org) via email, or call 312/377-4000.
The Heartland Institute is a 26-year-old national nonprofit organization based in Chicago. Our mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.



8 thoughts on “Obama and the EPA have Declared War on America

  1. I read the e-mail last night. This is getting to be more than is bearable. The supreme court has already ruled they have the authority to do this. Fox news is letting us down lately with zero coverage. I wonder if they are getting nervous. NBC last night, in one of thier news flashes covered a report that we are “running out of internet bandwith”.. we know where this is heading. Getting us ready for the next attack.

  2. Jim, Hi,
    The damage Obama is doing is going to last for a hundred years. And I thought Carter was the worst and it was his damage that began the destruction of the housing and banking industries. Little did I know we would be literally taken over by socialists in my lifetime. The environmental movement is made up nearly entirely by socialists today. And the government is just using them to complete the job of destroying what’s left of the country.

    Killing the goose. They hate the goose. They hate America. They hate everything we believe in. And some seriously stupid idiots gave them the keys to the government.

    Maybe you need to come back here and help us fight off these maniacs. Help!!!
    Best regards,

    1. As usual, Cheryl, you’ve used you talents as an artist to paint the picture exactly as it is. We can not win our country back in one or even two election cycles. We need to educate our readers and as many other people as we can reach, that this is trench warfare. We will need to use many of the same tactics that they have used so successfully against us. We need to find conservatives to enter the education system, to run for local and state offices, to serve on city planning commissions, to enter the bureaucratic ranks of federal government, and etc. Beside electing the best conservative candidates, I believe that like the socialist have done , we will also need to work from the inside of the bureaucracies if we are ever to reclaim America.

      I’m often frustrated that I can’t be there with all of you to do more to help our cause. My blog and the blogs of my new friends are the only weapons I have. I do hope I am contributing in some small way.

      Stay well and hold the course. It’s not over yet.


  3. “They issued guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions, which is outside of their authorization, on 15 November and are allowing comments only until today 1 December.”

    It seems your bureaucratic bullies have learned from ours. Most branches of our government propose unpopular changes on a friday afternoon when everyone’s itching to get out of work and escape and give just a few days consultation to ensure little protest.

    What protest is mustered by a few is usually ignored and once said policies are put in place and people scream, they quickly tell us there was consultation.

    1. I’m sure sorry to here that things done the same way down under. Who taught whom? I don’t know. Living in Venezuela, as I do, I know how this will all turn out if we don’t get things turned around , like yesterday.

      Thanks for your comments MK.


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