More Leadership from the 111th Congress?

The country has been sinking into a primal swamp of debt, the economy is stuck in  neutral and unemployment stubbornly hovers around 10% and all our liberal caretakers can focus on are ways to burden the country with more unfunded mandates and to control a little bit more of  our lives.

Shouldn’t our government’s priorities, whether controlled by liberals or controlled by conservatives is not important, in times of crisis, be focused on how best to extract the country from the crisis? Or are we conservative bloggers the only ones that think that America is still in a crisis mode? I know that I think so.

Apparently the 11th Congress has different priorities. I found these two articles here and here in todays Washington Post that demonstrate the priorities of this congress. I’m sure I could have found more if I had looked harder.

The first article announces that “House votes to send child nutrition bill to President Obama”. Here is the opening paragraph:

The Democrat-led House voted Thursday to send President Obama a bill that would enable more poor children to receive free meals at school, raise the nutritional quality of cafeteria fare and reduce the junk food and sugary beverages sold in school vending machines.

And here is a clever bit of sleight of hand wizardry:

Democrats took steps to offset the bill’s costs, including a $2.2 billion cut to food stamp benefits for needy families. Those maneuvers, reflecting political pressures to avoid adding to the budget deficit, caused many Democrats to wince even as they voted for the bill because it would effectively shift funds from one anti-hunger program to another.

We’re told that our First Lady is very pleased by the passage of this bill. Goody for her.

Education officials have a different take from the First Lady:

…National groups representing school administrators and boards also were opposed, calling the bill an unfunded mandate that would strain strapped school budgets.

Folks, I don’t know where this issue fits in your priority list but in mine it is a whole lot closer to the bottom than it is to the top.

The second WaPo article makes this announcement: “Congress tells TV advertisers to contro the volume” Here’s the opening line:

The House passed a bill on Thursday that would prevent television advertisers from abruptly raising the volume to grab viewers’ attention.

Now I have to admit that I find this practice of jacking-up the volume when a commercials comes on very annoying. But I rather think that our congress has more important things  to be worried about right now, don’t you?

3 thoughts on “More Leadership from the 111th Congress?

  1. Isn’t it rather funny, the things Congress tries to interject itself into? I thought the same thing when they started looking at football. They wanted to know if the proper precautions were being taken to avoid injury. Duh!! Of course there is going to be injuries in the game of football. It’s the nature of the game to hit your opponent as hard as you can hit him.

    I have came to believe Congress would have withdrawal symptoms if they didn’t have hearings on some of the silliest things. They simply can’t help themselves.

    1. Imagine what it would be like if all our temporary employees that we send to Washington to administer government, were only interested in making America work again. We conservative bloggers could be writing about all of the good things that were happening in America. That would be nice, don’t you think.


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