Did Obama do something right? It may be so.

From Yahoo News, AP reports that a trade agreement has been reached between the US and South Korea  that could mean thousands of jobs for Americans. The trade agreement, which still must be ratified by both governments, is tauted as being the biggest trade agreement since NAFTA in 1994. According to the AP report, the agreement may be very beneficial to the US auto industry. If the agreement is as favorable for America as is being suggested, then credit must be given where credit is due. So, until I learn otherwise I offer my “Well done Mr. President”.

8 thoughts on “Did Obama do something right? It may be so.

      1. I’m just glad to find out I am not the only one that happens to. Now, off I go to read the article. 😉

  1. It appears you are correct, Jim. If this works out, it looks like it could be a very good thing for the American automotive industry. Kudos to the President and his team of negotiators.

  2. I wonder what he’s sold out in return for it though. Sorry but i just don’t trust him, not even to tell the time.

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