Is Hillary about to get her walking papers?

5 thoughts on “Is Hillary about to get her walking papers?

  1. Well i certainly wouldn’t miss her, and on the plus side it would remove the last remaining bit of sense in the obongo administration. He’ll fall apart even faster after that.

    1. You know MK, I think Obamster never really wanted Hillary in his administration, However, she had the support of George Soros. So it is possible this Wikileaks business is very convenient way to get rid of her. Who knows? Good comment. Thanks mate.

  2. This was my theory from day one of these leaks. The Clintons hate Obama, he interfered with Hilliary’s coronation. She was the heir apparent to be the next Dem POTUS. Obama, and his bud Soros might have seen the means to eliminate and discredit her. However, team Obama might want to be careful, as since the Clinton’s have been close to the administration, they are likely collecting, or creating, all of the embarrassing material that they can on old Barry.

    This could be a nuclear exchange consisting of dirty tricks. It ought to be fun to watch.

    1. Yup. There will likely be more than one best seller come out of this. It’s a pretty sad commentary on the political system but it’s not new. When will we ever find enough honorable men and women to lead this nation?

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