Some Good News for a Change

In these trying times it is not always easy to find good news to talk about; or maybe we are just conditioned to overlook the good because there is so much happening that is not good.  I made a post earlier this morning about the recent trade agreement between the United States and South Korea, which potentially is very good news for America. Now I want to share with two more good stories I came across.

 The first story comes via the Washington Post and was written by the recent winner of their “America’s Next Great Pundit Contest”, Conor Williams. The title of Conor’s piece is “Kalamazoo’s stimulus package” and has to do with how anonymous private donations worked a miracle in his home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Here’s a tease. I think you will want to read the complete story.

…because the economic downturn came early to southwestern Michigan. In the 1990s, pharmaceutical jobs left for New Jersey, auto factories shut down and the unemployment rate approached 10 percent. Home prices slumped and the tax base dwindled. And Kalamazoo public schools were among the victims.

Then in 2005, out of nowhere, came a gesture of generosity that would change everything. A group of residents anonymously established and endowed “The Kalamazoo Promise,” offering Kalamazoo public school graduates full tuition at any of Michigan’s prestigious public universities or colleges. The goal was to revitalize the schools, but also the local economy and community.

Our second story comes to us from Wallace, Idaho, via an article by David Bond at LewRockwell.Com. This story has nothing to do with politics or with the economy. It is a story about a man with great dignity, a humble man, a newspaper deliveryman who has dedicated himself to being the very best newspaper deliveryman that he can be. Our anonymous newspaper deliveryman has started his day for years at 3:00am to deliver the daily news to his customers at a precise hour and always right next to the door. For every customer that has a dog, a dog biscuit is placed inside the news paper and every year his customers receive a Christmas card. In my opinion the world would be a much better place if more of us were like this humble newspaper deliveryman. Read the complete story. It will make you feel good.

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