Starve the Beast

A Conservative Teacher says the Republicans shouldn’t be satisfied with keeping the Bush tax cuts; they should be going for more tax cuts. He says “Tax cuts are good; starve the beast, put more money in people’s hands..” I agree. See the rest of the story here. There’s also a great cartoon.

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May Wise Heads Prevail

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.”    It is in dispute as to who the original author of this thought was. Some say Alexander Tytler, and others Alexis de Tocqueville. Either way, the words […]

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A Case of True Love

“Whats Up With That” is a terrific blog by Anthony Watts dedicated to debunking the global warming/climate change/pseudoscience wingnuts. It’s a mixture of the serious and the humorous. Scanning through some of his latest posts I came across this bazar but true story.  Anthony picked this story off the Huffington Post about a man who gets married in […]

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Why would anyone want to try to start or grow a business today?

Pat Slattery, of the Free Market Project, ha come-up with an economic analogy that may answer this question. After reading this excerpt, you can enjoy the rest of the article here. In the first scenario–a fair race with known rules–you would probably decide to run it. In the second scenario–the one with unpredictable government interference–you’d be out […]

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