A Case of True Love

“Whats Up With That” is a terrific blog by Anthony Watts dedicated to debunking the global warming/climate change/pseudoscience wingnuts. It’s a mixture of the serious and the humorous. Scanning through some of his latest posts I came across this bazar but true story.  Anthony picked this story off the Huffington Post about a man who gets married in a live internet wedding to the earth. I’m not making this up. Here’s Anthony’s opening paragraph. Do read the whole story. It’s a kick.

From the Huffington Post, a tale of bliss. WUWT Readers may remember Mr. Bloom from a  previous story where he did something outlandish, but it appears he was simply protecting his future bride. There’s no mention at HuffPo if Earth was a willing partner or if it was a shotgun wedding. There’s also no mention of how such a marriage would be consummated. It is assumed the groom will honeymoon with Gaia in one of the polar cities he proposes where we can all escape the “global warming heat wave” at the lower latitudes. Congratulations to the happy couple.  – Anthony

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