May Wise Heads Prevail

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.”
It is in dispute as to who the original author of this thought was. Some say Alexander Tytler, and others Alexis de Tocqueville. Either way, the words ring true. The sentiments are sadly familiar and ominous, but they may also offer an unintended ray of hope.


Between forty-seven and fifty percent of the electorate in this country pay no income taxes at the federal level, and a growing percentage receive “earned income” tax credits. These are tax refunds given to people who never paid taxes, meaning not only do they not pay in, but they are actually given unsolicited welfare by the top fifty percent and are told that this is their due. They are entitled to it; it was earned. The narcotic of free money has been slipped to them in a figurative mickey.
A large and growing percentage of our citizenry that do have good jobs are working for the government, earning twice what their private-sector counterparts bring home. To pour salt in the wound, these extravagant salaries are for jobs that produce no goods and add no value to our economy, and they are actually paid for with confiscated monies from the only members of society who are producing goods and services that people need.
It seems that the above prediction is coming true right in front of our very eyes, and once the balance tips and the takers outnumber the givers, there is little chance of peaceful reversal..
We stand at a precipice. Can we stop or reverse our destiny? If you take the above scenario as the only given, it seems fairly hopeless. The lure of free benefits, unearned giveaways, and exaggerated salaries for parasitic jobs is almost too tempting to resist. Largess is seductive. It forms an ever-widening destructive vortex that sucks in all but the most resolute. It feeds on apathy, dependency, and entitlement attitudes. How can it be stopped? Is it even possible?
The above was taken from an article published in American Thinker by Doug Lucas entitled “Stopping the Inevitable”. 
Mr. Lucas has, I believe, clearly defined the problem we face. I f you read the rest of his article, you will learn that his solution is to take away vote of people that don’t pay taxes. In other words as he says “No Representation without Taxation”. I’m sure that many conservatives would sign on to that idea. But most of know that that will never happen nor should it happen. That is not the American way.
Back in October I wrote an article I called “Americas Political Teeter-Totter” . This was my summary paragraph.

In 2010, we find our government teeter-totter teetering severely to the left. The left side is significantly longer than the right side. So how do we get this totter back to at least a balanced position? Electing a majority to sit on our side of the teeter-totter will definitely help. But having more weight on our side won’t necessasarily counter balance the leverage advantage of the left, unless the center of gravity of our majority moves further away from the center. The new Tea Party conservatives will certainly help, but I doubt that by themselves we can hope to get much done. We need more of the moderate Republicans to move to the more to the right and join their new colleagues. This is the only way we can hope to begin the process of undoing the damage that the Left has inflicted on this nation over the last many decades. It’s the only way we are ever going to balance the teeter-totter of government again.

 I still stand by those words.  The left side of the teeter-totter being longer than the right side is a reference to my analogy that every time over the years that the left has passed a major piece of legislation, the structure of our government has changed in th left direction. Our ultimate goal has to be to undo those structural changes. For us to have any chance to achieve our goals will depend on our continuing to win elections decisively. But equally important is that wise heads must prevail once our side is in control. By that I mean we must be willing to accept that not all can be achieved in one blow. If we try to go to far to fast, it will blow-up in our face just as it did for Obama and the 111th Congress. The left had been successful for decades moving the country more and more to the left gradually. The Obama administration tried to go to far to fast and that is why the tide has turned to the right. We must not make the same mistake. Once conservatives are in control, every step we take must be calculated to demonstrate positive benefits for all Americans. If not, all of efforts will only have served as a delay to the left’s progress toward socialism.

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