Starve the Beast

A Conservative Teacher says the Republicans shouldn’t be satisfied with keeping the Bush tax cuts; they should be going for more tax cuts. He says “Tax cuts are good; starve the beast, put more money in people’s hands..” I agree. See the rest of the story here. There’s also a great cartoon.

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2 thoughts on “Starve the Beast

  1. We need to straighten out the tax code for business. We have the 2nd hightest rate in the world. While individuals like Buffet may get off with 14% rate with loop-holes, Corporate taxes are regressive. We need to get off the focus of the Indidual tax rates percents, close loopholes for the Billionaires, and let Capital Invenstments explode with credits. That is how we will win it. Companies will not feel a need to go off shore and to other Countries for tax havens.

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