Enough Already with DADT!

Maybe it’s just me but I tired of this political football. And frankly I don’t understand why it is a political football. Somebody please tell me if I’m wrong but can’t the Commander-in-Chief just give an order to the Pentagon and be done with it? Why was it even a law in the first place?  Did somebody forget to tell Barry that he is not only the President but he is also the Head Honcho of the military as well? I’m just wondering out loud here. Can somebody clarify this thing for me , please?

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5 thoughts on “Enough Already with DADT!

  1. I think DADT came about as a result of President Clinton trying to have the best of both worlds. Now that DADT is “the law”, we don’t know what to do with it.

  2. Here’s what I don’t understand, Jim: What is wrong with DADT? Must our identities be defined by who we want to have sex with? DADT actually says, “Where you want to put your penis is of no consequence. Do you want to serve in the military?” It’s actually about equality. If you want to serve, you can serve. If you want your identity to be “homosexual” rather an “soldier” you can’t.

    I understand the point of view of gays… why should they have to hide their sexuality? I guess I think the answer is: because your sexuality has nothing to do with the job at hand. Heterosexual people aren’t supposed to be sexual on the job (but they can screw their brains out on their own time) and, with DADT, homosexual people aren’t supposed to be sexual on the job (but they can screw their brains out on their own time).

    It is identity politics that makes it an issue. On the other hand, it also makes no sense to me that if someone is “found out” to be gay, but they haven’t harassed anyone or acted out sexually in an inappropriate way, that they be discharged if they want to serve. A person’s sexuality should have zero impact on a non-sexual job as long as the person does not make their sexuality an issue by acting out inappropriately (and this applies to heterosexuals too).

    1. I don’t disagree with you, Pat. My point was if DADT never should have been a law in the first place. The military has a right to their policies. And, the Commander in Chief should be able to decree policy within reason.

      1. I agree. The whole thing started as an identity politics thing with Clinton. People forget, now that the gay community wants to push it further, that DADT was actually a victory for gays at first. It came about as Clinton was trying to give his gay constituency a win (it was the dumbest political thing I’ve ever witnessed, as it was the first thing Clinton addressed when he entered the White House, immediately making people wonder what his priorities were). Now, identity politics (where who you want to screw is more important than any other factor about you) has made it this horrible affront to gay people… I never hear liberals mention that it was a liberal policy, thought to be a win for gays at the time. They make it sound like it was something Bush instituted, when it was Clinton at the beginning of his first term. It’s very weird.

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