Will the GOP try to put a Straight-Jacket on Ron Paul?

Robert Wenzel, contributing writer for LewRockwell.Com, thinks the baksters are applying pressure to keep Congressman Ron Paul, an ardent foe of the Fed, in check.  Here is Wenzel’s opening volley:

With Republican control of the House, Ron Paul, as senior member of the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees monetary policy, is scheduled to become chairman of that subcommittee.

The banking elitists that were thrown billions upon billions by Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve sure don’t want the real supervision that Ron Paul would bring. And they are plotting.

Wenzel goes on to quote from an article written by Phil Mattingly and Robert Schmidt for Newsweek. He provides a link, however, there was an error and the link goes to the same place as the link above. But I’m going to trust that Mr. Wenzel quoted accurately.

Officials at several major banks have privately raised concerns with Republican leaders that, by allowing Paul to become a chairman, his radical views would gain legitimacy, according to three bank lobbyists…Five GOP leadership aides, speaking anonymously because a decision isn’t final, say incoming House Speaker John Boehner has discussed ways to prevent Paul from becoming chairman or to keep him on a tight leash if he does.

This is politics as usual and can not be allowed to stand. Its time to fan the fire of resistance. The internet is our most potent weapon against these banksters, the banking elite of the world. The thing they fear most is exposure and losing their control over the FED and other central banks, which are the source of their power.

Would Boehner and the GOP establishment cave-in to the banksters? I think the only thing that will keep them from caving-in will be the cry of indignation by every conservative blogger, the Tea Parties, and all other conservative organizations.

Who are these banksters, the world banking elite? Most but not all tend to shun publicity. The biggest of all is the Rothschild’s. Some of the others are Lazzard Brothers, Warburg Bank,, Kuhn Loeb, Chase-Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. Some people say that George Soros is part of the group. I highly doubt that. Soros is certainly a very wealthy man but real power comes not so much from the wealth that one has but from the wealth that one controls. These banksters have power to influence beyond anything you can imagine . It’s too big to fit in one’s head.  Soros is at most a tool used by banksters to do some of their dirty work.

I sincerely hope that Ron Paul is watching his back. These people play by their own rules.

6 thoughts on “Will the GOP try to put a Straight-Jacket on Ron Paul?

  1. Paul’s “radical views.” The only thing that’s radical is that we have let the FED steal our money for 100 years. The entity that produces nothing, does nothing, and loans money that they don’t have. The only radical thing is that America tolerates that bullshit. Unreal.

  2. Ron Paul has always refused to “play the game” and therefore has never had the backing of his party. It will be interesting this time around to see if the GOP is going to consider the ramifications of pissing off the Tea Party voters. We live in interesting times.

  3. I think Soros works hand in hand with the Rothschilds…or works for them, from articles I’ve read on the subject. The banking cartel you speak of is busy setting up the OWG…and yes, Ron Paul is not their favorite son.

    I hope he has someone tasting his food for him. More likely they will go for the political ax and cut him off at the knees. These bankers are operating in their own realm. I hope Ron Paul prevails on this one. But we are likely to never get the audit of the Fed we so badly need.

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