America’s Conundrum with Islam

This is the first time I’ve written on this subject because frankly I’m having problems wrapping my mind around it. What I do know is that America and Americans are faced with a conundrum that must be resolved and the sooner the better. I think that many of us have conflicts in our minds on the subject of Islam in part because it is not a classic problem of religious conflict. It is much more.

We are told that the terrorist or radical Islamics are but a small part of the Muslim world. That may be but their influence is not at all small. The Islamic terrorist have had a profound  impact on our country and on other countries as well. It is not clear to me whether our enemies are just those that organize, plan, and carry out acts of terrorism or is it Islam itself. how can I, a staunch believer in religious tolerance, suggest that our enemy may be Islam itself? Bare with me as I try to explain what is worrying me.

It has bothered me for a long time that the so-called moderate Muslims don’t speak out more frequently and more forcefully against those Muslims that promote hatred and terrorism. What I think I have come to understand is that it is in part due to fear of reprisal. In other words, the radicals have not only succeeded in instilling fear in the infidels of america and the world but also in the moderate Muslims.

Another question is how do we identify radical Muslims from peaceful Muslims? A couple of months back when the Ground Zero Mosque was in the news every day I remember reading a comment to a blog post by a school teacher. She related how she like to invite people from different cultures to come and speak to her class. among her invitees was an Islamic couple who had in fact spoken to her class several times. She said that they were alway well received by her students. One time, the last time that she invited them to her class was shortly after the death threats to Salman Rushdie. She asked the couple what they tought about Rushdie death threats and the man replied quite calmly that as good Muslims they would be obliged to kill Mr. Rushdie should their paths cross. I don’t know about you but I find that response chilling.

So, we have to wonder what would happen if an otherwise moderate Muslim in America was approached by a radical Iman and asked or told to carry out some kind of terrorist act. How would  they respond? Would they carry out the act because they are good Muslims, or would they carry out the act for fear of reprisals against their family, or would they abide by the laws of their adopted country?

The questions raised above are the kind of questions that led the United States to put Japanese American citizens in concentration camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor. A shameful part of American history but one can understand that the question of loyalties in time of war is a valid question. Surely we can find better answers to our current conundrum.

Apart from the issue of terrorism there is another issue with Islam that is worrisome. There is the desire by many Islamic to want to spread sharia law wherever they can. Many people laughed when Oklahoma’s passed a referendum to prohibit the implementation of sharia law in their state. I was not among those laughing. I read recently that if current trends continue, Muslims could become a majority of the population of Franc in a few decades. Can you imagine France loosing its culture in this manner? Could something similar happen in the US? what if Muslims became a majority in a town or city. Would our constitution prevent the implementation of sharia law in that case? Remember, there really is nothing in the constitution that talks about the separation of church and state.

This is a conundrum like no other we have ever faced. I certainly don’t have the answers. I do, however,  believe that this is something needs to be debated openly and hopefully such debate will lead to resolutions that are compateble with American ideals. What do you think?

25 thoughts on “America’s Conundrum with Islam

  1. Quite true. No easy asnwer here. The Iran folks predicted that with the fall of Communism, the Islamic world would fill the void. Alas, the era of mutally assured destruction doesnt work, when the folks can’t wait to see allah. A conundrum it shall remain. All I know is that they wish us no good,
    and the time may end soon for philosophical debate.

    1. This needs to become a wide open national debate, in my opinion. We oppose, of course, all terrorism. But I believe Bush misspoke; we are at war with Islamic terrorism. The sooner we all understand that the better.

  2. First of all, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “moderate” muslim. Their world view is that it is us vs. them. When it comes down to it, they all would react as the man did on the subject of Salman Rushdie. (Funny you mentioned him today, as I was just thinking about him this morning. I was thinking that he is like Assange…Rushdie crossed and exposed the mullahs and his assassination was called for. Is that not analogous to Assange somehow?)

    Secondly, Islam is not just a religion, it is a political and government structure in complete conflict with our Constitution. The use of “freedom of religion” is the excuse for taking down our system.

    It is their aim to out-populate the rest of us and simply take over. France and Germany, Holland, and Britain, Spain and Greece…take a look. They inbreed cousins in order to keep their intermarriage laws going…and by doing so they breed their intelligence down. This does not bode well for the rest of the world.

    So it need not be a conundrum if the entire nation would do what they did in Oklahoma and demand that Sharia law will not, in any way, take precedent in their courts. Further, we should disallow Islam to operate as a religion. (At this point we have everyone and their brother coming up with “religions,” such as druids, wiccans, Gaias, etc.) We will have to stand up to them at some point. Sooner would be better rather than later. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Just another faction of anti-Americans infiltrating America. Merkel was right…multiculturalism has not worked in Germany or anywhere in Europe. It is going to end badly with muslims…I don’t look forward to the conflagration.

    1. I know that I said that I hoped we could find solution that were compatible with American ideals but I’m not sure that is possible. In truth I don’t know how we protect the vast majority of Americans without infringing on the constitutional rights of Muslims entering or living or even those born in this country. It is not nice to think about that but I fear if something isn’t done, there will come a day when citizens begin taking matters into their own hands and that could be very ugly indeed.

  3. As some of you may know already, I am from Oklahoma. I voted for SQ 755, but I will be honestly surprised if the courts do not put a complete and total stop to it going into effect. So much of the rest of the country does not see Sharia law to be a threat, so we may unfortunately have to wait until something happens, in order to have enough ammunition to push something like this through.

    1. Good grief….I hope you are wrong on the courts. Unfortunately, you may be right and that is terrible. I think a lot of the country is buying into the “moderate muslim” nonsense to show how “tolerant” we are. We are in a heap of trouble if people are going to wait around and see how bad it gets before they act. Again, you may be right. It’s sort of like the Asian Carp in the Chicago river…brought into the country for some “higher purpose” and now it’s destroying the rest of the fish.

      1. I hope I am wrong too, Cheryl, but I doubt that I am. There are a lot of people who think SQ 755 was a solution looking for a problem. In other words, they do not feel Islam or Sharia Law is a threat and that those of us who supported it were hateful, bigots, you name it, etc. You should do a search for SQ 755 on my blog and read some of the comments I received on my posts that dealt with the issue. You would be amazed at some of the things that were said.

  4. This is a tough nut to crack.

    One thing I do know is that Islam has not been ‘domesticated’ like all the other religions in America. We made the Mormons give up polygamy before we let Utah into the Union. Despite what breatheless douchey leftists tell you, there is no chance America will embrace a Christian or Jewish theocracy. Both of those creeds follow the secular civil code of the US. Hindus and Buddhists do as well.

    It is only Islam that refuses to submit itself to American civil law. They have not or will not learn how to ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’.

    That might not seem like a big deal, but it will be very soon. When that happens, it will probably not end pretty.

  5. While the extreme Muslims may be in the minority, they do have a grip on the whole religion because of fear. Moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out and because of this the radical have a strangle hold on the religion. So when you say that Islam is the problem I can understand exactly what you are saying.
    We had better start taking this issue seriously, we are at war and the Obama administration is too afraid to offend the enemy to win the war.

  6. Islam was founded more than a millennia prior to the rise of the moden nation-state. Islam was designed to be a form of government. At the same time, Islam does not recognize the responsibilities, authority nor the geographical boundries of ANY and all national entities. Worse still, Islam is at war against these other, competing entities and this includes other religions.

    Not all Muslims believe in this ‘Nation of Islam’, but when push comes to shove, most will back it. After all, did not most southerners support the way of life that was in question when the US Civil War broke out? It is human nature to do so. This contributes as to why this ‘moderate’ Muslim would kill.

    The war is comming to America. We are on the strategic defensive today. Playing good defense will not win this war. Just look at Europe.

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  8. “Can you imagine France loosing its culture in this manner?”

    They have lost it already, you know there are parts of Paris and other cities in France that the French don’t go to, guess who runs things out there.

    If you want to deal with the problem of muslims, you have to stop muslim immigration to your nation and deal harshly with the ones that step out of line in your country.

    This makes people uncomfortable but that’s the only way, if you don’t do it now, then you’ll have to become far more nasty down the track.

    1. I wish everyone here was as clear headed as you, MK. Unfortunately, we not only have to fight Islam we also have to fight our own left thinking wingnuts.
      I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on in France. All Americans need to be made aware of that.
      Great comment. Thanks.

  9. According to the Egyptian Foreign Minister, obama is a confirmed Muslim. He will be able to inflict serious damage on this country before he goes. I suspect he tries something destructively “shariaesque” near the end of his presidency.

    1. rjjrdq, please tell me you have a source. if this could some how be collaborated it would be BLOCKBUSTER news.
      BTW, I visited your blog and I like it a lot. You come up with some amazing information. I’ve added your site to my blogroll.
      Thanks for this info.

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