Why Not Fight Islamic Terrorism With Cheap Energy?

I’m serious. What if the United States of America was no longer dependent on oil from the Middle East and Venezuela? What if we were actually an energy exporting country? That would put a crimp in the style of Islamic terrorist who are financed by petro-dollars and Putin and Chavez and people like George Soros and Al Gore. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I know. You’re wondering what is this crazy old man is ranting about now. Old? Yes. Crazy? Not yet.

Some of you may recall that I wrote a piece a while back on the potential Liquid Floride Thorium Reactors. I still think America is missing the boat. India and China, however, are funding development of this technology while the US is sucking its thumb. Okay. If thorium reactors are notyour cup of tea, what about cheap natural gas from oil shale? Take a  look at this post on American Thinker the other day. Here’s a snip:

Now comes a report from the UN (of all places) that asserts America can be on the verge of energy independence and can become one of the world’s great exporters of energy because of our shale gas and oil reserves. Natural gas is the one commodity that has been plummeting in price and delivering an economic jolt of its own for consumers more accustomed to higher energy prices.

Folks the US is sitting on the worlds biggest reserves shale gas, which in oil equivalents, are several times greater than the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. If you follow the links in the AT article you will end-up at an article in the Globe and Mail that has this to say

For natural gas, the U.S. has the four largest fields in the world: the Haynesville field in Louisiana (with production up by 77 per cent in 2009); the Fayetteville field in Arkansas and the Marcellus field in Pennsylvania (both with production up by 50 per cent); and the Barnett field in Texas and Oklahoma (with production up by double-digit increases). The EIA reports that proven U.S. reserves of natural gas increased last year by 11 per cent to 284 trillion cubic feet – the highest level since 1971.

Also, we find this in the AT article

Now comes a report from the UN (of all places) that asserts America can be on the verge of energy independence and can become one of the world’s great exporters of energy because of our shale gas and oil reserves. Natural gas is the one commodity that has been plummeting in price and delivering an economic jolt of its own for consumers more accustomed to higher energy prices.
Friends, this is fantastic news.Sshale gas production is already having a positive impact on natural gas production and on prices.. And this is happening in spite of our governments efforts to the contrary. For years our government has done almost everything possible to discourage energy production from oil and gas. If it’s not GREEN they are not interested. Instead, we shut down drilling in the Gulf coast, the Pacific coast, and the Atlantic coast, we freeze out exploration in many regions of our country, we promote taxing any and all carbon emissions, and we spend billions to promote and subsidize the asinine  alternative energy programs of ethanol, wind power and solar power.
 To my knowledge we are not doing anything  to incentivize more rapid development of our gas shale resources. Why not? Can you imagine all the benefits of being energy independent? But our progressive/liberal political class has been brainwashed by environmental Marxists that the world is going to end if we don’t force the worlds largest energy consumers to go 100% GREEN.
It’s time for Americans to demonstrate their outrage. We can be energy independent. And, yes, that would put a crimp in the financing of Islamic terrorists.
What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Why Not Fight Islamic Terrorism With Cheap Energy?

  1. Not sure if you caught my post that I picked up from Pravda: US could become world leader with Nat gas. I am with you my man. You read my thoughts completely. We are now exporting to Europe. If the EPA stays out of the way we may do ok. But we are butting heads here in NE PA over the enormous amount of Shale found which is using “fracking” to extract.


  2. Bunkerville has it right… “Fracking” is a HUGE issue for environmentalists. I need to do more research on it, but their complaints make it sound pretty darned scary. Fortunately, I take whatever an environmentalist says with a huge grain of salt, because everything is the end of the world to them.

    In NY there is a big “Fracking” controversy (that’s kinda fun to say!). The Anti-frackers say that fracking endangers the water table and the rivers. Oddly, these same people who doubtlessly want reasonably priced energy are against putting liquid natural gas depots on the coast so natural gas can be shipped in. They’re against coal. And they’re against fracking. Oh… and against nuclear. I’ll bet they’ll be anti-candle too.

    I would love to see an independent investigation on the dangers to the environment of fracking (let’s be real… cheap energy isn’t worth much if a person can’t get clean drinking water in the area served by that cheap energy). I’d also love to see someone (or a lot of someones) stand up and tell the environmentalists that they can’t be against EVERYTHING. Remember, it’s the environmentalists that want green energy, but they also hate windmills blighting the landscape and killing birds, and solar farms negatively affecting acres of pristine desert…

    I have little doubt that, even without fracking we could be far more independent by more drilling for easily recovered natural gas (and oil). But, then the environmentalists will have to allow the drilling and the LNG terminals on the coasts.

    A great read on energy issues is: “Lights Out: Ten Myths About (and Real Solutions To) America’s Energy Crisis”, by Spencer Abraham.

    1. “The anti-frackers say the fracking would endanger the water table and rivers.”
      I’m an engineer and spent over 30 years in the mining industry. I can tell you that fracking will not endanger the water table or rivers. The shale deposits are more than a 1000 feet below the water table. Shale by its nature is a fragile naturally laminated rock. The shale will be broken using a water, sand and chemical mixture under high pressure. We’re not talking about setting off massive explosions.

      I’ve seen some estimates that gas from shale, oil equivalents, is expected to cost on the order of $40 oer barrel. The Middle East would no longer be a strategic region( except for Israel of course). Wouldn’t that be great?

  3. See… that’s what I’m talking about. What you said is absolutely 180 degrees opposite of what I’ve heard from the anti-frackers. Frankly, I trust you.

    What environmentalists never take into consideration is that, except in Hollywood movies, people and businesses generally do not want to despoil the environment. We ALL live in the same environment. The people who have the jobs fracking for the gas will be drinking the same water, hiking the same trails, enjoying the same lakes and rivers as the anti-frackers. Why would the frackers want to poison their own environment?

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