Guest Saturday is Coming to Conservatives On Fire

It is with great pleasure that I announce that starting tomorrow, Saturday, December 11, 2010,  and each Saturday there after, this page will be dedicated to one of four regular guest bloggers. These are bloggers that I have followed and enjoyed for some time and I’m delighted that they have agreed to participate in this project. They each have completely different styles but one thing they have in common is that they write with a unmistakeble passion. I’m confident that you are going to enjoy their essays as much as I do. It was impossible for me to decide on the order to present them so I literally drew their names out of a hat. Let me introduce them in the order that they will appear on consecutive Saturdays.

First out the hat for tomorrow was A Conservative Teacher. ACT as I call him maintains his anonymity for good reason. He is a teacher somewhere in Michigan, he holds or has held political office, and he has been a businessman.  He writes on a variety of subjects but many have to do with his experiences in the public school system. Surrounded in his work environment by left-wing liberals, it gives him some interesting stories to tell.

Next out of the hat is Brian McNary’s blog “Frankenstein Government“. Brian is a retired police chief living in Boise, Idaho. He also spent some time in the insurance business and he knows a lot about the world of investing. Brian’s essays are always entertaining, passionate, insightful, and i have found educating.

On Christmas day, we will feature Cheryl Pass of the “My Tea Party Chronicles“. Among other things, Cheryl is an artist and operates two other blogs that have to do with her paintings. Cheryl isn’t able to make posts every day, but when she does it’s because she has something to say and you won’t believe the energy that comes out through her words.

Then to start off the new year we’ll have Pat Slattery of  “The Free Market Project“. Pat is passionate about the ideals of free market capitalism and seldom strays from that subject. He is the author of the book  ” The  Tamarack Conspiracy”, which he says is written in the spirit of Ayn Rand’s  “Atlas Shrugged”. Pat is also in the process of starting up a new business.

I think you are all in for a treat. Please make my Saturday Guest feel welcome.

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