Harry Reid Just Won’t Quit

Reproduced below is today’s post by Pat Slattery of The Free Market Project

On the other hand….


December 14, 2010 at 3:36 pm Pat

Related to the post directly below…

It turns out that Harry Reid is trying to force states to allow public employees to unionize.  The Democrats, our good friends the Progressives, want more public employee unionization.  I wonder why.  Could it have anything to do with getting more money from the tax payer flowing into Democrat (Progressive) campaigns?

From the Heritage Foundation:

The Senate may soon consider a bill that would force states to allow for the unionization of public employees. In addition to the extraordinary amount of mandates imposed under President Obama, Congress has been attempting to extend the burden of collective bargaining imposed upon every state and local government. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) recently reintroduced the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act in an attempt to rush it through Congress before Republicans take control of the House in January. This legislation would mandate collective bargaining for police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel—even in states that have passed laws to ensure this can’t happen.

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12 thoughts on “Harry Reid Just Won’t Quit

  1. It is the damnable “may soon”. This Reid guy is reallly getting on my nerves. I never knew it was the speaker, House and Senate that alone decided which votes moved foward. Chilling aspect to an otherwise likable democracy.

  2. The “On the other hand…” and reference to “the post below” is to a post I did on people waking up to the corruption of public employee unions. Go to http://freemktproject.com/?p=771 to see the referenced article.

    This is a big deal! What we need is for public employee unions to be disbanded. To have tax dollars flowing into the hands of PEUs (via our tax dollars paying the salaries of PEU workers) to be spent on the campaigns of politicians who will raise the salaries and benefits of PEU workers is not merely close to corrupt, it is corrupt.

    Thanks for re-posting, Jim.

    1. Yes. It’s really no different than what we’ve been seeing in Greece, France and other places. The people are in the streets demanding their rights. They can not deal with the fact that their socialist policies finally ran out of wealth to redistribute.

  3. As if the states don’t already have enough revenue problems, they will now have to deal with unreasonable demands for the state empoyees unions. This is nothing but another attempt at growing the base, we all know which side unions vote for.

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