Government Light

How is this for a novel idea. I think it’s time for all Americans to step-up to the plate and help take some pressure off the President, the Senators, the Congressmen, all the Czars and Agency Heads, and etc. I think that We The People have just plain been asking too much from our leaders and the strain is beginning to tell on them.

Here’s the problem. Our leaders in Washington just have too much on their plate and it’s all our fault for demanding so much from them. For example, they have to decide what kind of car we should drive and how much gas mileage cars ought to get. I mean that’s not easy. On top of that we’ve got them worrying about our health care plans or lack there of, they are worried sick about how to determine what foods our kids should be allowed to eat in school, trying to figure out what medicines are safe for us to take, trying so hard to protect our environment and all the animals too, and that’s not all. They have to be concerned with which is better for us; an incandescent light bulb or low energy mercury laden light bulbs and what about all the green energy programs. And if all of this wasn’t enough, these poor people are staying awake nights trying to figure out how to spend trillions of dollars on pork barrel projects. After all, it’s not easy to spend a trillion dollars. Try it some day.

So here is what I think we should do. Let’s institute what I call Government Light. I think We The People need to dramatically reduce the work load on our poor public servants. I’ve got some ideas on how we could do that. Instead of al these zillions of things we’ve been asking government to do for us I have a much shorter lists of what we should be willing to settle for:

  1. Provide for the common defense. You know. A military to protect us from our enemies and to protect our borders from invasion.
  2. To create a body of objective laws to protect the God-given rights of all citizens.
  3. Develop a judicial system to capture those that break the laws and try them and to punish the guilty.
  4. Establish a stable monetary system.
  5. Develop and maintain a national infrastructure in order that commerce can freely occur between state and with other nations.

I think if our government only had to focus on these five things, the mental health of our public servants would improve dramatically and We The People could take care of the rest of our needs instead of burdening government for everything. I think we owe it to our leaders to do this for them. It is really the only humane thing to do.

It’s a shame that our founding fathers didn’t have the foresight that I have.

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11 thoughts on “Government Light

  1. If only we could stop them from ‘worrying’ about all those things. I’d reduce your list to the first 3 and pass a law that any politician entertaining notions of anything outside those 3 has to be horse-whipped before being turfed out of office.

    It’s the only way to keep them out of our lives.

    Apologies for not stopping by sooner, been sick and busy as anything with work.

    1. You think horse whipping do the trick? Maybe the libertarians are right when they say we would be better off with no government. Nah! That wouldn’t be any fun.

      Hope you’re feeling better. Take care.


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