Tid Bits

Tid Bit No. 1_ Julian Assange is out on bail and Michael Moore helped to pay for his release.

You can read Michael Moore’s Op-Ed piece here where he defends Assange as a hero.

Well, goody for you Michael But Michael Moore aside, this Wikileaks business is too wierd for words. Is it just me that finds it strange that in all the time since the time leading up to Assanges arrest on rape charges from Sweden and in all the time since his arrest that Obama’s DOJ has not filed any charges against Assange?  You would think that he would have been charge with espionage or cyber terrorism or something. Folks, something smells and the odor is not coming from Denmark.

Tid Bit No. 2_ Liberals Revolt Against Tax-Cut Bill

 “Tax-cut bill”? Who’s getting a tax cut? Do you know anyone who is getting a tax cut? I don’t. Listen-up liberals, you were revolting against a bill not to raise taxes. Can you please get that through your thick heads.

You can read the whole story in this Washington Post article. Apparently the thing that set-off the revolt was that the liberals wanted to vote for an amendment by Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.) that would raise the Estate Tax provisions. the problem was that the rules for the debate required that if they vote for the amendment , they were also voting for the entire package and that is what they didn’t want to do. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said  “if we’re going to lose, let’s lose with a strong message,”.

All these yahoos want to do is punish the rich because they’ve been successful and to their way of thinking that isn’t fair. How noble of them.

Tid Bit No. 3_ Krugman Says the Republicans Want to Protect the Banksters.

According to Krugman’s Op-Ed in todays N.Y. Times the Republicans on the  bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission  want to whitewash the role of the Wall Street banks in the financial crisis instead of agreeing with the Democrats on the Commission that are calling for more controls over the private financial sector. Krugman puts all the blame for the crisis on the banksters and says that Freddy and Fanny and the Fed had nothing to do with it. Really. That is what this Nobel prize wining economist thinks.

Well, I don’t have one those Piled higher and Deeper diplomas in economics but I think I could teach Mr. Krugman a thing or two. First, the Wall Street banksters were indeed involved in a lot of dirty dealing. A number of them should be in prison and stripped of their ill-gotten gains. The only reason they are not in prison is because the DOJ was too damn lazy to do their job. No, it was easier for them to settle out of court, giving the criminal banksters a slap on the wrist. Now here’s the thing Mr. Krugman PhD, the banksters didn’t cause the bubble. The bubble was caused by Freddy and Fanny and Barney Franks and friends and the Fed. All the banksters did was take advantage of the situation caused by government.

Okay, Mr. Krugman, PhD, class dismissed.

2 thoughts on “Tid Bits

  1. Good selection. In the second section, you mentioned two Congresscritters that we tried very hard to defeat in November. Too bad we came up short. That, and they seemed perfectly happy to screw the little guy in order to punish the “evil rich.”

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