Bloggers Can Make a Difference

The other day when I read the news about a bank in Oklahoma being ordered by federal banking regulators to remove their Christian symbols that they were using as part of their Christmas decorations,  all I could do was shake my head and wonder when is all this stupidity going to stop. Well there was something I could have done.  I could have raised an alarm in my blog. Fortunately a whole bunch of other bloggers did sound the alarm. And, as a result, the federal regulators have withdrew their order. Bruce McQuain over at Questions and Observations has this story “Why You Have To  React to Every Story About Government  Overreach”.

 this little story was picked up and blasted around the blogosphere.  Guess what?

The small-town bank in Oklahoma will be able to restore its Christian signs and symbols after all, thanks in part to public outcry against the Federal Reserve.

That’s right – the bureaucrats backed down.  Why?

The story garnered national attention overnight from bloggers and Twitter users who posted links to’s story.

This is the power of the blogosphere – something that is a force to be reckoned with when riled up and one that people seem to take rather lightly at times.  It’s also an example of why even the smallest stories of government overreach should be addressed.   In fact, it puts and exclamation point on the saying “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance!”

Read those last two sentences again. Bruce is right on the money. We can and do make a difference. And every time the government overreaches we need to react. A good example is the alert sounded by Bunkerville yesterday on Napolitano and the EPA and their plans for “Environmental Justice”. This is pure and utter BS and I hope the blogosphere goes nuclear on this.

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