Living In An Undeveloping Country

That’s not a typo in the title. I mean “undeveloping”.  I am intentionally coining a new word. Undeveloping is the only way I can describe the country where I live, Venezuela, and although you may not want to admit it, you, in America are also  living in a undeveloping country. I’m  sorry but that is the sad truth.

When I came to Venezuela nearly 18 years ago, I found a clearly developing country with a vibrant and growing middle and upper class. Government institutions were clearly independent of the Executive branch. It was a country worthy of foreign investment. For the last twelve years, I have watched as Venezuela has UNDEVELOPED  Since Chavez came to power almost 12 years ago, every thing has changed. The middle and upper class is shrinking, the institutions are totally under the thumb of the Executive, and Venezuela is one of the last places a foreign investor would want to put his capital.

When Chavez came to power, the UNDEVELOPING began. Slowly at first and the around 2004 the UNDEVELOPING entered the trotting stage. And since 2008 it has entered the galloping stage. To be sure, Chavez has accomplished more in twelve years than the American political class has accomplished in the last 100 years. But they are catching-up quickly. 

Today we Americans are witnessing the UNDEVELOPING of the greatest developed nation on earth. The methods used by Chavez are not the same as those used by our political class bu the results are similar. Our middle class is a shadow of what it once was. I have always said that developed and developing nation rest on the shoulders of their middle class. Today our middle class is shrinking,  50%  of Americans don’t qualify to pay taxes, and the government dependent class is growing rapidly. Power is every day more and more concentrated in the hands of the federal government.  More and more the rights and freedoms of Americans are being compromised by our Big Brother government.

The process of UNDEVELOPING America was in the slow but sure mode for over 90 years. But, TPTB stepped things up a couple of years ago and now we are in the “trotting” phase. They are no longer content to whittle away at our constitution and our rights and freedoms. Now they have their axes out.  Recent examples are ObamaCare,  green energy programs, the FCC is pushing for more control over the internet and of the media. Our education system has been converted into an indoctrination system and now with this Sunday night’s strike, the government and their crony friends will control every aspect of our food supply from seed to  the supermarket. Our energy policies are 100% counterproductive. Our corporate taxes are the highest in the world and government policies are forcing companies to seek better business climates in other countries, which cost us jobs and damages our economy . The Fed seems content to continue policies that led to the disaster we have experienced for the last two years. We are a UNDEVELOPING country.

Time is running out for America. The Tea Party movement and the rising tide of conservatism are not enough, in and of themselves. Is there no way to get the political class to listen to the people? In my opinion there is. There is one thing that people like Chavez and our political class fear. What they fear most is when the people demonstrate in the streets against the things they have done. I’m not talking about a occaisional march. I’m talking about street demonstrations on nearly a daily basis. One day in Phoenix another day in Detroit and the next day in Miami and as often as possible in Washington D. C. These demonstrations must be peaceful but they must also be LOUD. And, of course, it is very important that the demonstrations are well attended.

I  know.  It’s easy for me down here to say what you should be doing back there in America. I sincerely wish that I could be there to carry my share of the load. But that is not possible. For the sake of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, I am counting on all of you to put a stop to the UNDEVELOPING  of  America.

18 thoughts on “Living In An Undeveloping Country

  1. I wish I could disagree with what you have written but sadly I cannot. I can see the undeveloping of America happening right before my eyes and it is a frightening propsect! This is not accidental, this is an effort that is being made intentionally, but I do think we took a step in the right direction in November. It was a beginning but I just hope it hasn’t come too late.

    1. The November elections was an important step in the right direction. But what scares me, Steve, are two things. First we will only control the House and the Dems will have many ways to continue their drive to the left for the next two years; secondly, the Federal bureaucracy is controlled by extreme liberals and to a large degree there is very little control over what policies they implement and cleaning these people out will take a long time. The FCC is publishing their “Internet neutrality” rules and are plan to implement a value test for renewal of FCC licenses and these steps are right out of the Hugo Chavez play book. Scary!

      1. I have to agree with you both. Our left has moved more slowly than Chavez, but they are kindred spirits, and moving in the same direction.

        I particularly liked (reluctantly) Jim’s comment on there being 100 issues vying for our attention. I think that is intentional, in terms that the left continues to pile on. We’re going to continue to see that in the executive branch, they will continue to create regulation without authority. It will be hard to advance an agenda when the other side continues to create power out of thin air.

      2. The left will never admit defeat. Harry and friends are not to be underestimated. You can be sure, for example, that the MSM will begin demonizing people like Ron Paul in an effort to discredit him as he tries to rectify the Federal Reserve System.

  2. The problem is, us conservatives don’t have any professional “organizers”, they are all lefties. Okay, that is a lame excuse, but I don’t even know where to begin to organize a demonstration.

    1. I have no experience in organizing demonstrations either, Collin. But My guess is that these days of Tea Parties, Internet, and Tweeter it would only take one person making the call to action for some given date. If it is a march, there are certain permits required; but if it is a mass gathering in some public place, permits may not be necessary.

  3. Fleece nailed it. Most of us are still working for a living. They pay their guys to “organize”… we go out and labor to take care of those who can go out and “organize”.

  4. Didn’t know you were living in Venezuela and i wouldn’t be surprised if you were trying to leave.

    “When Chavez came to power, the UNDEVELOPING began.”

    And i’ll bet he promised the world to the voters, that he would bring progress, when he wasn’t healing the sick and making it rain off course.

    It’s the obvious thing about socialism, you look at most failed nations around the world and trace back to where it started and sure enough socialism was the start of it all. Unfortunately, this is not obvious to enough people, until it’s too late that is.

    “The methods used by Chavez are not the same as those used by our political class bu the results are similar.”

    Their methods are not similar to those of chavez only because they couldn’t get away with it, not because they’re not cut from the same stinking cloth.

    1. Why am I not surprised that you have a perfect understanding of the situation. The thing these socialist know very well is you don’t actually have to do anything for the people, they only have to make the people think that they are getting something. Chavez is a con-man of the first order.

  5. Like Steve said in his comment, I wish I could disagree with you. Trouble is, it seems like we are moving more and more in that direction every day.

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