A Little Bit Pregnant? A Moderate Muslim? I Don’t Think So!

 In my opinion, one is either a Muslim or not  a Muslim. What those that claim to be moderate Muslims are really saying is that they are not going to personally kill anyone or martyr themselves but they will support the radical jihadist in any non-combatant manner that they can. They support the spread of Islam and shariah law by any means necessary. They donate to so-called Muslim charities that funnel money to the terrorist. They will not cooperate in aiding law enforcement with their investigations and they use our culture, our laws, and our constitution against us by denouncing any investigation as profiling, which is against their rights. A recent article from American Thinker by K. E. Campbell addresses this issue. Campbell starts his article with this: 
The radicalization of Muslim communities will be the subject of Congressional hearings next year when Rep. Peter King (R-NY) becomes chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.  The impetus for the hearings, according to the congressman, are complaints by law enforcement officials concerning the lack of cooperation of Muslim leaders in terrorism investigations. 

A CBS News report on the planned hearings, announced Thursday, quoted two apparent Muslim leaders: Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim member of Congress, and Abed Ayoub, legal director of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Rather than displaying any concern about the difficulties encountered by law enforcement or, at least, welcoming the opportunity to publicly state their case, both men instead objected to the hearings outright.

I didn’t realize that we had a Muslim Congressman. Here is what he had to say about the proposed hearings:




“We need to make sure that we stand for civil liberties, so we can deprive people like Osama bin Laden of the claim that Muslims are poorly treated in America. The United States is not at war with Islam.”

Heaven forbid that Osama bin Laden think Americans were anti- Islam. If the United States is not at war with Islam it should be because Islam is at war with the United States. Our Congressman seems to be an all too typical  moderate Muslim. What dowe know about Congressman Ellison? Campbell shares this:

“Rep. Ellison (formerly known as Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison, and Keith Muhammad) sits on the House Financial Services and Foreign Affairs committees and is entering his third term. A 2006 article about Ellison in the Weekly Standard (“Louis Farrakhan’s First Congressman“) chronicled his “ties to the Nation of Islam”.

 It seems our Congressman is an all too typical moderate Muslim . The rest of the article is worth reading. Campbell has some interesting things to say about our Middle East ally Saudi Arabia. But what I want to share with you are two comments on Campbell’s article. all but one comment were supportive and the other appears to have come from a moderate Muslim. The irst is representative of the positive comments and the other is the negative comment.

What you all seem to be missing is that this refusal to help authorities is not some anomaly. The koran specifically forbids a muslim from going to infidel authorities to report a crime or testify in court against a fellow muslim. It’s that simple. That’s why they can gather in their mosques, plot against infidels with full knowledge that their fellow muslims will remain silent. You state we are not at war with islam – well you better wise up because islam is at war with us. They will not end their war against us until we accept islam & submit to sharia, by peacefully means if possible, or by extreme violent means if necessary. The worst crime according to koran is not murder, but being a non-believer. The koran orders the most painful death imaginable for non-believers. They will never accept our way of life, our constitution, our freedoms, our religious tolerance. They are adherents of the most violent religion on the face of the earth – they are intolerant, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, misogynist who believe the koran may not be altered in any way. The Old & New Testaments may have written about slavery but later abolished this practice. Not so for islam. Whatever the koran promoted in the dark ages still holds for them today – polygamy, child brides, honor killings, stoning, beheading. So unless this is what you want, the US had better be at war with islam.


I am urging all Zionist and Christian forces who plan on supporting Rep. Peter King against the Islamic Holy Forces of Allah to submit immediately. Otherwise, we will hold them responsible for their actions. Any attempt to fight the Islamic Holy forces of Allah is pointless. We are committed to putting all of the world under our jurisdiction. You cannot overcome the Islamic Holy Forces of Allah now that we have our brother, Imam Hussein Obama, in control of your country including it’s military and his number one concubine Michelle Antoinette in charge of your food supply. Any individual or group that tries to fight the Islamic Holy Forces of Allah will now be humiliated at the White House and then investigated by our brother Imam Eric Holder and then starved by Michelle Antoinette. With the help of our brother, Imam Hussein Obama, the Islamic Holy Forces of Allah will easily overcome Rep. Peter King and his Zionist, Christian, Infidel stooges. Allah willing. All reading this must also throw their full personal support as well as that of all of the internet behind the U.N. resolution passed in December of last year prohibiting defamation of Islam including making such defamation a crime under international law. They must also call for the expulsion of all Jews from Palestine so that Muslims can once again return to their rightful homeland there. They must also denounce all of the Crusades and demand that reparations be paid to Muslims and all the land in Europe that was stolen from them be returned, including Sweden. They must also agree to meet all of the demands that Muslims may make in the future. Allah willing. The great dream of Islam will come true. Muslims dream to see flags that read: “There is no God but Allah” fluttering in the wind over the White House, the Pentagon, Downing Street, the Hague, the Temple Mount and Haram al-Sharif, and over American Thinker. Allah willing.

A little bit pregnant? A moderate Muslim? I don’t think so!



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14 thoughts on “A Little Bit Pregnant? A Moderate Muslim? I Don’t Think So!

      1. I am not sure who originally pointed me to that series of articles but I too felt like I was getting the unvarnished truth from someone who has a first hand knowledge of what the “faith” of Islam entails. The permission is not mine to give as far as any reprinting of the post, but it seems the author would want the information shared.

  1. If Rep. Ellison is a Nation of Islam convert, he is far from “moderate”. The nation of Islam is some of the more extremist American Muslim organizations out there, with alumni ranging from Malcolm X, to Louis Farakhan. Here is some interesting rhetoric from their web-site:

    IN 1931, THE MASTER [Wallace D. Fard Muhammad] WAS preaching this Great Truth of salvation when He met a man named Elijah Poole in Detroit, Michigan. He chose him to be His Divine Representative in continuing this most difficult task of bringing truth and light to His lost and found people. For 3 1/2 years He taught and trained the Honorable Elijah Muhammad night and day into the profound Secret Wisdom of the Reality of God, which included the hidden knowledge of the original people who were the first founders of civilization of our Planet and who had a full knowledge of the Universal Order of Things from the beginning of the Divine Creation.

    To these folks, the Master is thus:

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad identified the Master as being the answer to the one that the world had been expecting for the past 2,000 years under the names Messiah, the second coming of Jesus, the Christ, Jehovah, God, and the Son of Man. When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked Him to identify Himself He replied that He was the Mahdi. He signed His name in 1933 as Master Wallace Fard Muhammad to express the meaning of One Who had come in the Early Morning Dawn of the New Millennium to lay the base for a New World Order of Peace and Righteousness on the foundation of Truth and Justice; to put down tyrants and to change the world into a Heaven on Earth.

    I am thinking real Muslims would be happy to lop off the heads of these so-called Muslims.

  2. Two elements in the second ‘comment’ reveal it as a semi-clever satire:
    1. undeserved title: ‘Imam’
    2. insults to the first lady.

    That satire transmits a great deal of truth along with its humor.

    I urge everyone to open the Qur’an to 9:111 and find out what a Muslim believer is and does. Then turn to 49:15 & 8:2 to verify what you have learned.

    Islam is not moderate. There are believers and hypocrites; there are no moderate Muslims.

  3. I have often wondered why “moderate” Muslims never speak out against the extreme Muslims and now I know why. I did not realize that the Koran forbade them from doing so, the extremists are free to do what they want because they know no Muslim can speak out against them. This makes the “moderates” just as guilty as the ones who carry out the attacks.
    I remember there was quite a bit of controversy when Ellison was sworn in–he took his oath on the Koran.

  4. This is where it all gets a bit dicey. We do have freedom of religion in America. In other words, we can worship who, what, when and where, as long as it does not harm someone else, sacrifice animals, etc. That should apply to Muslims as well, but they make it nearly impossible to do that when their religious writings plainly say to kill the infidels. That would be you and me. Honestly, do they expect us to just sit back and let it happen>?

    1. It’s a dilemma for Americans who have, with some hiccups to be sure, assimilated peoples from all over the world and of many different religions. Religious tolerance is a cornerstone of our nation. The problem with Islam is that it is much more than a religion. It is impossible to separate their faith from their politics. We didn’t choose Islam as an enemy. Islam choose us.

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