The Truth About Islam from an Irani Dissident Living in America

Thanks to a tip from Dave at Libert4US, I was led to the blog of  Amil Imani. Amil is a dissident Irani who is living in the US and has been blogging against Islam since at least 2006. He has also authored the book “Obama meets Ahmadinejad”. Below are excerpts from an essay that Amil published July 15, 2007. I urge you to read the entire article and then visit his home page and read some of his articles. He has written some powerful essays. Many have to do with what is going on inside Iran; but many have to do with the issue of Islam as it affects America. I am adding Amil Imani to my blogroll.

Many people have asked me why I have put my life in harm’s way by tangling with Islam and why I do what I do. Born in a Muslim family and having witnessed first-hand the horrors and indignity that Islamofascism visits on people it subjugates, I have taken it upon myself to do my part in defeating this ideology of oppression, hate and violence. Islam is wrapped in deception as a spiritual dogma or religion and is more dangerous than Nazism, Communism and Fascism.

My writings aim to help people decide if they want to rank with the Islamists or do they want to truly live as free men.  The truth shall set you free, it is said, but first it will shatter the cozy, sweet world you live in.

There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is no such thing as secular Islam or a secular Muslim. How can you possibly secularize a shark or a snake? You can’t. It’s the nature of the beast. There are numerous sects within Islam. One and all are extremes and not in the least amenable to change. Keep in mind that Islam claims that it is the perfect eternal faith for mankind. Splits have occurred and will continue to occur in Islam. Yet, reformation has not happened in nearly 1400 years and is not going to happen. Islam is carved in granite, just the way it is. No change. Allah’s book is sealed.

There are indeed some Muslims who are moderate in the way they practice their religion. These people, for the most part, are culturally Muslims. They don’t practice Islam the way it is mandated. They pick and choose. Therefore, “moderate Islam,” is no Islam at all. It is not possible. The only way to deal with the menace of real Islam, the Islamofascist varieties, is to fully dismantle it and relegate it to the confines of museums.

Amil Imani’s words leave no doubt about threat of Islam. Islam is not a religion and, therefore, deserves no tolerance.

5 thoughts on “The Truth About Islam from an Irani Dissident Living in America

  1. Mr. Imani is a Persian-American who has been writing about Islam and warning Americans before the 911 attack. One of the pioneers in this area. His books is a MUST read book by all Americans. I mean it, it is a MUST read. Here is his bio:

    Amil Imani is the Director of Iranian Freedom Initiative (IFI). He is an author, poet, novelist, essayist, literary translator, public speaker, political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in United States and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in America as well as for the struggling people of his native land of Iran. Born in Tehran, Imani moved to the United States during the radical Islamic Revolution of 1978/79.

    His numerous articles about Islam have been published in many newspapers and magazines around the world as well as in thousands of Internet magazines, websites and blogs. Imani’s writings can be found on his website Amil He is a regular commentator on the Iranian issues on BBC World News. He is also 2010 honoree of EMET: “the Speaker of the Truth Award” at the Capitol Hill. Imani is the author of the riveting new book “Obama Meets Ahmadinejad.”

  2. That’s the thing about islam that many in the west over the centuries have refused to learn, you can’t change it, you can’t reform it and you can’t live with it. Sooner or later the ugly side of it reveals itself and consumes all in its path. Always has been that way.

    1. You know, MK, I wish more people understood how serious this problem is. I read an article the other day that was trying to play down the issue by reminding us that in our history there were times when some Americans feared the Catholics and the Pope, and then the Jews and the Irish and the Italians. It’s all true. But these fears passed. These groups were never interested in illuminating us from the face of the earth. It is not the same thing by any means.

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