Babby Boomers Bombed

Many of you have probably figured out by now that Jon Hayward (formerly  Doctor Zero  and now writing full-time for Human Events) is one of my favorite conservative writers. He has written another thought-provoking article titled “The Boomer Bust” or “Boomers reap what they didn’t bother to sew”.  It’s well worth reading the entire article, which isn’t very long.

Although I am arguably John’s biggest fan, I’m compelled to differ with his depiction of the Babby Boomers in some aspects. But, before I get into that, let me share the initial part of his essay. Then I will add my comments.

The Associated Press reports on the grim financial future of the Baby Boom generation: “Through a combination of procrastination and bad timing, many baby boomers are facing a personal finance disaster just as they’re hoping to retire.”

“Bad timing?”  You want to know what “bad timing” was?  Riding at anchor in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  The Boomers screwed themselves.  The factors combining to ruin their retirement are the result of policies they support, promoted by politicians they insisted upon.

The AP lists a few of the top reasons for the Boomer predicament: the disappearance of traditional pension plans, falling stock prices and home values, inadequate Social Security income, and a predilection for spending instead of saving.

John takes each one of  the reasons that AP listed for the predicament of the Boomers and, without pulling any punches, tells us how the boomers made the bed in which they must now lay down . Here is final right-cross to the jaw of the Boomers.

Welcome to the future you made, Baby Boomers.  If you think retirement is tough now, just wait until Generations X, Y, and Z arrive in the future you made for them.

 I don’t disagree with anything John said. In generic terms, yes, the Babby Boomers are guilty as charged. The problem I have with Jon’s essay is that he treated the Babby Boomers as a monolithic group, which, of course, they are not. Politically the Boomers are made-up of conservatives, moderates, and liberals. Once you recognize that they are not a monolithic group, some additional issues beg to be explained.

My guess is that conservatives have probably always out numbered the liberals but the moderates were the largest segment of the Boomers. If I’m right, one has to ask, how did we get into this mess? I think part of the answer is that the liberals became the vocal minority and the conservatives and moderates became the silent majority. This began in the 60s, The liberals within a few years took control of the Democratic Party. The have been a fairly cohesive group and they have been steadfast in promoting their ideals. The liberals gradually took over MSM and they also took control of the education system. Their allies have always been the unions. Being the vocal minority, they more often than not were able to convince a majority of the moderates to go along with them. 

Meanwhile, the conservatives continued to be part of the silent majority. They may have believed that the Republican Party represented their interest but the truth has been that the Republicans have always been a centrist party ; made up of mostly moderates, a few liberals, and fewer still true conservatives. Because conservatives, until very recently, were not vocal, they in fact contributed to the liberal designed mess in which we now find ourselves. In other words, the conservative Babby Boomers never were active participants in bringing America to the precipice; but,yes, we have been passive participants.

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6 thoughts on “Babby Boomers Bombed

  1. I think your reasoning on how we got into this mess may very well be accurate. How many times have we seen the liberals take control of the debate, get out their side of the story, with conservatives being silent all the while? Entirely too many times, if you ask me. Our voice is just as loud as theirs, but since it seems to stay silent so much of the time, it isn’t being heard.

  2. I read the other day on Fox about this fellow who lived on a 100K salary, but in the 30 years that he’s worked he’s only got about 5K in savings, doesn’t even own his own home. Now that’s what you call irresponsible. I read these stories so i know what i need to NOT do, none the less, it still surprises me that people can live like this for so long and get away with it. Hayward is right though, they are reaping what they sowed, or perhaps what they didn’t.

    Happy new year by the way.

    1. How so many Baby Boomers became so irresponsible probably has many answers. The parents of many of the boomers lived through the Great Depression and World War II and maybe they wanted too much to make the lives of their children to be easier than they had had it. Something definitely went wrong some where, didn’t it?

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