Anybody Want To Move To Or Invest In Illinois?

Not me! Grant Davies of What We Think and Why along with his friends at the Heartland Institute have the story. Illinois has just passed a 67%  increase in income tax and a 46% increase in corporate taxes. Take a look at these two excerpts:


John Nothdurft, director of government relations, The Heartland Institute:
These actions by the legislature will substantially hinder Illinois’ ability to bounce back from the great recession on what many economists see as the eve of economic recovery. This is utterly reckless policy that will cost the state taxpayers as well as jobs – and further proof the state should consider eliminating lame-duck sessions.”

And then

Steve Stanek, research fellow for budget and tax policy at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Budget & Tax News:

“It’s hard to know what to say after watching this spectacle in Springfield. Not a single Republican voted for these outrageous tax increases, showing the absolute contempt of Democrats toward not just their Republican colleagues but the millions of citizens they represent.
“Reckless spending got Illinois into this mess, yet there was virtually no talk of cutting spending. Illinois already ranks 48th in net population growth, 48th in job growth, and 48th in economic performance, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council. Look for Illinois to soon rank last in the nation in every one of those categories.”
For additional comment, contact Steve Stanek at

CBS Chicago has more if you’re interested.

Is this totally irresponsible or what? Obama is planning a bailout of Puerto Rico for $6 billion. So, what do you want to bet that Illinois, California, New York and others will be next?

I need a drink!

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4 thoughts on “Anybody Want To Move To Or Invest In Illinois?

  1. Springfield, Illinois, this reminds me of one episode of the Simpsons, Homer was running for mayor and he made all sorts of stupid and wild promises that his opponent promised he could not fund. Needless to say, no one listened and carried homer into office on their shoulders.

    Needless to say the town went broke, just like this sort of leftist stupidity will bring. You know what the crazy thing is, months or years after these tax increases, when the state is flat-broke and everything is falling apart, you’ll still find democrats scratching their ass wondering why it happened.

    They’ll never learn, you can count on that. Let’s hope we can count on the electorates to learn from this.

    To address your original question – Anybody Want To Move To Or Invest In Illinois?

    Move to, hell no! Invest, yes, if i were a moving company, i’d set up a temporary office in Illinois, to help people move out of the state to wherever they want to go, for a small profit off course. When it’s only stupid democrats and their liberal minions left, pack up shop and move to another liberal state stupid enough to tax it’s way to progress.

    1. Amazing. I’ve probably see no more than six episodes of the Simpson’s in my life and that was one of them. But i didn’t put it together like you did. But, yes, it is a perfect parody of real life leftist policies. That moving company idea may be just the ticket. LOL.

  2. The state of Illinois seems determined to drive as many businesses and individuals out of the state as possible. Is this their version of population control?

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