George Soros _ Friend to American Liberals or does he just use them?

On the surface it would seem that the Liberals and George Soros make for strange bedfellows. Soros is super rich and is known to be ruthless in his business dealings. One would think that he represents everything the liberals hate. But the Liberals have sold their souls to Soros because he supports financially so many of their causes. Do they really think he gives one damn for their causes? George Soros cares only about one thing and that is George Soros.

Some say that Soros is in bed with the worlds biggest investment bankers and their plans for a one currency,one government world. Maybe. It’s only conjecture on my part but I see Soros as no more than a puppet of the bankers. He is very wealthy, yes, but remember power has less to do with one’s wealth and more to do the wealth that one controls. Compared to the bakers, Soros is a piker.

Piker or not, George Soros is a dangerous man. He is particularly dangerous to the United States and its people. Here is a link to a story by Ed Lasky at American Thinker that everyone should read. It has to with a movie funded by Soros to discredit the gas from shale business. I also recommend scanning the comments. Some are very interesting.

Soros obviously wants to see high oil prices. The damage it does to our economy is of no importance to him. He is behind all green forms of energy and doesn’t want to see the US develop carbon base fuel or nuclear energy either.

Here is another story everyone should read. It comes to us from Bunkerville’s blog and has to do with the EPA shutting down a major mountain top coal mine in West Virginia for dubious reasons. I have no knowledge that Soros has anything to do with the EPA’s action but I have to wonder.

At any rate, I for one think its time for a serious investigation into the doings of Mr. George Soros and his influence over some of our government officials.

18 thoughts on “George Soros _ Friend to American Liberals or does he just use them?

  1. Thanks for the link. Soros is now out and about more these days. Beck has dug up plenty of vids that no one can refute. I was a skeptic , but hearing it from him, his agenda can no longer be denied.
    I thought his age would soon catch up to him and he would be out of the picture, but alas, he as two sons more radical than himself.

  2. Excellent article here… My thoughts are that Soros is nothing but an opportunist. He sees dollars signs only and creates in-roads to get them. He is somewhere around 80 years old and he is getting more maniacal than ever. What is scary is that he has two sons ready to take up whatever daddy dearest leaves behind. I believe you may be onto something with the manipulation of the liberals and democrats… You are exactly spot on with your analysis of the capitalist business nature of Soros defying the principles of liberals as well.

    I think that they are all engaged in a symbiotic relationship hell-bent on the destruction of America. He will benefit financially and the liberals will have satisfaction of destroying capitalism and living in a false Utopia until it all comes crashing down around them. I completely agree that we MUST investigate his intentions here in America and his business dealings. We have proof of his corrupt dealings worldwide, so what’s the hold-up? Somehow, somewhere he has to have had an illegal trading practice by now and that should be enough to dig further. Imagine if the investigation into the Fed reveals some ties…? Wow, now I’m dreaming. LOL

    1. Eric, thank you for a superb comment. Personally, i would like to see Soros investigated even if the only thing it accomplished was to make more Americans aware of this malignancy and his influence on many of our politicians.

  3. I seriously doubt that there is one person in Congress, even given some of our best conservative supporters, who would have the stones to go after Soros. His money and power and ruthlessness are too far reaching. Glenn Beck is the one major media face who has exposed Soros for who he is and what he is doing to destroy America. And he has been threatened for the effort.

    There won’t be an investigation. There will be no justice where Soros is concerned. He is literally out of reach from reasonable earthly justice. The devil is alive and well. Unfortunately. Conspiring against America has, after all, become a mainstream occupation these days. Soros is just a bigger conspirator.

  4. Soros is just like another one of the usual liberal blowhards. They know fully well how stupid their followers are. Just watch, the usual garden-variety leftard will never be anything under a Soros or the socialist government he pines for. They’ll never escape the status of parasite, meanwhile the likes of soros will always keep their money and power.

  5. Remember, Soros invested heavily in the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras. Any kind of drilling or shale mining in the U.S. would threaten his investment.

  6. I think it’s Glenn Beck who say George Soros is one spooky guy. I agree with this assessment. Remember that fictional evil organization SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) from the James Bond movies? Now take that organization and change the name to “Open Society Institute” with George Soros at it head and plug it into reality. Hmmmm, perhaps sometime fictions runs closer to the truth than we want to admit. Great post. I’m linking to it in my Sunday Links.

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