Never Bet Against the American Spirit

The following essay is republished here by permission of the editor of the weekly newsletter “Righting Our Consent“. I think you will agree that the American spirit is something that can not be denied and should never be under estimated.

"Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind."


The American Spirit:

The history of the American people is exceptional, despite those that claim otherwise.

The grand experiment for the concept of individual freedom, as our Creator intended, has yielded results unparalleled in the entire history  of mankind. That core concept of freedom, has provided the opportunity for overcoming obstacles to our citizens that people of other nations, constrained by their systems of government, will never have.This is why America attracts people from around the globe.  They too yearn to be free.

Our citizens built a nation out of a wilderness, and emerged as the premiere example of what man can achieve, and as the leader of the civilized world in nearly every discipline, all in less than 200 years time.

Our history reflects the character of our people. We believe in the morality of freedom, we fight and die for it. We started a new nation with next to nothing, and built the greatest political, economic, and industrial society ever with the unfettered productivity of our people. We designed and refined a just society, which protects the rights of a human beyond any other system.  We have invented, we innovated, we excelled at breaking new ground with that we discovered. We have endured tragedy and experienced triumphs. We have believed in self-sufficiency, and not depending on others for what we get from life, We believe in earning our way, and expect to be free to succeed or fail, on our own. We have been a generous society, that has not lost sight of, nor ignored those in need throughout the world.

Americans have successfully achieved a free society of integrated people and ideas from across the globe for over two centuries.  As we have become enriched as a country, we have also reached out to help and enrich others. When threatened, we have stood shoulder to shoulder, in brotherhood, because we had a common belief.  We believed in our freedom, and our right to liberty, and knew it was worth dying to protect. And throughout our history, many of our fellow countrymen have sacrificed their lives defending what, and who we are.

Americans have a tradition of being pioneers, earning what they have by working hard, and achieving the unimaginable. We have a habit of loving our families, helping our neighbors, and loving our Creator. The American heritage abounds with examples of rugged, determined toughness, and kind, caring compassion.

When we stand together in this spirit we cannot be defeated by any outside foe. Those who seek to destroy the spirit of America are doing so by attacking it from within. They hope to defeat us by dividing us, as this is possibly our greatest vulnerability. We have seen the methods they are trying to effect their insidious change..

Our institutions have been infiltrated by those that deny the American exceptional-ism, and hate the unlimited potential natural freedom affords every American. They seek to, and are heavily invested in, altering our collective thinking, and changing the course of America forever. They constantly classify us in order to divide us into competing factions.

Americans have come to witness these underhanded,deceitful and corrupt methods and means to undermine the American spirit, and what we stand for.  We can see these Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Pivan, Marxist, “multiculturalism,” political correctness means for what they really are.  We see the bought and paid for phony demands for “change” as charades being played out, as these statists attempt to create illusions to influence the public.  These false “public demands” are than used to gain viable political cover for their power grabbing radical solutions which they intend to impose on their principles, we the people. Of course they are not justified in the least.  We see those “solutions” always take away power and freedom from the people, and award it to themselves.

It is becoming very clear that this is an all out war to deny, and destroy, the American spirit so as to take down our nation from within. This is the “re engineering government” they are fond of speaking of. The end goal is clearly ending self-government, for the purpose of substituting their own grand schemes. The deluge of deceit we the people are now subjected to must be countered in every instance with the truth, and with the understanding that these power players attempt to marginalize their critics with incoherent distortions of reality and illogical relativism.

Many of our more honest elected officials have been in authoritative denial, and are too quick to dismiss our assessment as unwarranted “alarm-ism.”  What a disservice this has been to us, while enabling those who are indeed trying to remake an ‘alternate America’ on the rubble left by their demolition. The people increasingly know this is happening, awakening after seeing recent events play out using these very methods, at an accelerated pace, to impose measures most Americans are overwhelmingly against.

Those who would rule us, are hoping that they have now gained the upper hand, and they believe that we have lost most of our American spirit.  We see they believe this by the way they lecture us about the errors of our country, and our thinking.  They indicate that we must expand our “primitive thinking” to outside of our sovereign and traditional borders, in order to keep from being “left behind in the new internationalism of the 21st century.” Incredibly these statists, these followers of a proven disastrous ideology, brazenly call our great country and the ingredients for its success, failures.

Really? The American “can do” spirit can compete with anybody, anywhere, anytime. We do not need to become a conforming piece of the UN’s world socialism plan… for any reason. Handing over the fate of one’s self or family to the whims of a few goes against all man’s natural inclinations, but ours in particular.

It is time to expose our corrupted informational institutions, educational sources, and other medias and to displace these cultural and economic Marxist’s, and start rebuilding in freedom’s traditions, with people on America’s side, who tell the truth. The statist’s plan even further corruption, abusing the force of government.  They are betting against us being able to stop them and to reclaim that which is ours. We have had to play a lot of defense as of late, but now it is time to put an offense on the field, and begin showing them what the American spirit can achieve when provoked. Our communities need our traditional involvement restored.

Is it really time for the American people to feel provoked? Against our wishes, despite clear and loud voices in protest, look at what is happening. Government takeovers, unconstitutional bailouts, insane deficit spending and borrowing. Federal judges deciding states cannot qualify voters to prevent non citizen votes. Senators stating election results trump advice and consent. Justice and DHS heads acting as if the patriots and law abiding citizens are the problem.  Our allies treated like enemies, while our foes are treated with undeserved deference, and on and on.

It is our tradition and our heritage to overcome adversity no matter where that adversity originates from. We can define our own communities, and keep our country the land of the free. We can do what is needed to keep our representative and Constitutional republic. We may have a lot of work to do getting back to the basics, but we can do it.

We can do it, with the recognition that our individual voices joined together, are powerful. We can do it, by believing in America, and rejecting the noise from our common enemies. We cannot be brought down if enough people realize the scope and reality of the war against us. We must recognize that these “would-be masters” are acting as enemies to OUR nation, to OUR way of life as a free individuals and sovereign citizens. Their cover has been blown, and American’s fighting spirit and resolve have been reawakened. We did not become the greatest nation man has ever known by letting others run us over. America is OUR country, and we need to defend her.
Can we overcome this threat to liberty?
Never bet against the American spirit.
We can, and we will.


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6 thoughts on “Never Bet Against the American Spirit

  1. The key to us winning is making sure the not-so-attentive Americans understand just how off-base the left is.

    It’s about making sure being traditional is still kinda cool. If we can do that we can still beat back socialism.

  2. One of the keys to breaking the American spirit is to flood the country with those who do not share those values, diluting our collective values. Instead of instilling American values into new arrivals, the tactics outlined above are employed. Unfortunately, they have had a measure of success.

    1. Without doubt, there are those whose aim is to is to break the American spirit. The day that there is one to few Americans that care they will have won. I’m optimistic that we who care and have the American spirit are still a majority. Many of us forgot that the defense of liberty can not be left to others. It took a crisis to re-awake our American spirit and I refuse to believe it is too late. But it is indeed late. There is no time to be wasted.

  3. The history of the west shows that there is no more lethal and dangerous an enemy as the western world when united in anger. Freedom and liberty are the keys to that lethality.

    Unfortunately it also means that no other can devastate the western world quite like we can when we turn on each other.

    “Can we overcome this threat to liberty?
    Never bet against the American spirit.
    We can, and we will.”

    I hope so, for all our sakes.

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