How Safe Do You Feel Knowing DHS Is On The Job?

As for me, I don’t feel particularly safe. TSA grouping and X-rated X-rays are no longer news. Few who travel to or from the USA are feeling any safer as a result of these airport hijinks. But there is much more to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) anti-terrorist security measures. Simon Black, via and his own blog Sovereign Man has a different slant to consider and I am left with a different question all together.

Simon Black makes a compelling point that aside from the humiliation that travelers are subjected to in the United States, these security tactics are having a detrimental effect on our economy. His point is why would turist or foreign investors want to come and spend their money in a country where they are shown nothing but disrespect. He backs-up his argument with two stories that are probably all too common.



Maria C., the Chilean lady who owns the apartment I’m renting in Providencia told me yesterday about her most recent– and last– trip to the United States.The Department of Homeland Security decided that, instead of being a well-respected Chilean national attending her Harvard reunion, she was a suspected Colombian drug trafficker. DHS detained her for over 12-hours, confiscating her purse, her passport… even her shoes.

She was continually interrogated by DHS officials who played good cop/bad cop mind games, and when she was given ‘permission’ to use the bathroom, it was under close-up video surveillance. They finally released her without so much as an explanation, let alone an apology.

And then this:

It involves a Canadian woman, Lind Bird, who was stopped, searched, and relieved of her $2 Kinder Surprise egg by US border patrol agents.Kinder Surprise eggs are a type of European chocolate candy, and they’re considered illegal in the United States because the FDA has deemed them a choking hazard for children.

The eggs are perfectly legal in Canada, and Bird had one in her vehicle as she was crossing the border. After a stern talking-to by agents, Bird’s egg was confiscated by the United States government, who subsequently sent her a 7-page letter demanding that she authorize the ‘destruction’ of the egg.

How absurd is that: a 7-page letter demanding that she authorize the destruction of the egg? I have to agree with Simon. This type of so-called security measures are not conducive to tourism or foreign investment and are surely having a negative impact on our economy.

But, I have what I think are much more serious questions. If the function of the DHS is to improve our protection from potential terrorist, does the DHS believe that terrorist would only enter our country legally? What about all the people who enter our country illegally? If you were a terrorist would you try to enter by a door with high security or would you enter by a door that is wide open with minimal security?

We have thousands of miles of boarders with Canada and Mexico and thousands of miles of coast line where people can and do enter our country illegally. Yet our DHS seems only interested in those that enter our country legally. So, I ask the question: How safe do you feel knowing DHS is on the job?

20 thoughts on “How Safe Do You Feel Knowing DHS Is On The Job?

  1. They need to pass a law that will make it illegal to enter the country illegally, then DHS won’t have to worry about. Jeez, this government thing is a piece of cake.

  2. Typical shit from Frankenstein Government. They are reduced to shaking down chilean women and seizing chocolate candy. Telling us in a seven page letter that we are too stupid to know the dangers of this candy. Fucking waste of money.

    Obama has never let me down. He compares himself to Kennedy. I compare him to Nixon.

  3. Ace of Spades has called the DHS/TSA grope-n-poke stuff ‘security theater’ and I think he’s pretty much nailed it. All this loud ruffling of Big Sis’ feathers, all this puffing up of the DHS’s plummage–it’s all for show. Everybody knows that the minute they step on a plane, they’re on their own.

    As for the tourists who want to visit our great country, well, the US government is telling them to go take a hike. Most foreigners can’t vote in this country (unless they’ve been hooked up by ACORN) so why would the feds give a damn about them? The Obama administration barely has any respect for actual citizens so foreigners can’t expect the DHS to treat them much better than the rest of us.

  4. Man, I feel safer already. Maybe I should send the DHS a Christmas card next year.

    Seriously though, it appears to me that these people can not see the camel for the ant in their eye. Some of the things they pull really have me questioning their effectiveness and makes me wonder at their motives.

  5. Unfortunately for us, protecting the sanctity of ridiculous government mandates seems to be the highest priority of the DHS under this administration.

    Imagine if the poor woman with the chocolate egg had a birthday candle inserted into this rich, creamy, ovoid terrorism threat. Certainly an all out airport evacuation would have been ordered, and the robotic egg disposal unit would have been flown in from Baltimore, or would that be from Cadbury?

    Evidently 300 million of these little devils are manufactured each year and they have not yet made it onto the “no fly list.” It’s a good thing too. At 7 pages per egg we are looking at some major bureaucratic pencil pushing.

    I wonder if the poor, lowly, Kinder egg met a merciful and environmentally friendly demise?

    Surely there was some debate among the agents involved as to the best method in which said sweet would meet its end? I wonder which one drew the lucky straw?

    Why does this bring a vision to mind on how the healthcare death panels may go to? How many 7 page letters will be used to enforce the governments preference of pain meds verses real treatment?

    But I digress, having gotten off track while suddenly craving chocolate.

    The question is, “do I feel safer with DHS on the job?”

    Unless I can somehow convince them that I am really a walking and talking government mandate that needs protection, the answer would be an emphatic……no. I realize it’s really a roll of the dice, and statistically, I will probably make it anyways, albeit with a lot less dignity.

    1. I’ll tell you, Dave, in my opinion the DHS is worse than useless. They counterproductive. I would like to see them stripped of their power and disbanded. I understand why Bush reacted the way that he did, but it was a mistake. The threat of terrorism is real but we had and have all the agencies necessary to deal with the the threat. All that was needed was additional funding and well trained manpower. The DHS is nothing more than a show and a very bad show at that.

    1. It is incredible that this country, which is supposedly worried about the threat of terrorism, has almost no interest in the thousands of people who enter the country illegally every year. I have no doubt that a percentage of these people are potential terrorist and all are here ILLEGALLY and nobody in authority seems to care.

  6. “What about all the people who enter our country illegally?”

    Exactly right, perhaps the idiots running the country will only learn when it’s an illegal who crossed the border illegally and then blew something up. Stuck on stupid i tell ya.

    1. This is one lesson I hope we don’t have to learn the hard way. We can’t hope to stop everyone that is intent on entering the country illegally but we damn well could do a whole lot better than we are.

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