Public Employee Unions _ A Valuable Weapon for Republicans?

One of the major advantages Liberals have over Conservatives in any election is the lie. Liberals have made lying an art form. For Liberals, the ends always justify the means; no matter how many lies must be told or how many times a lie is repeated. Liberals, it seems, have no moral values.

Conservatives, on the other hand, do have moral values to contend with. Unlike the Liberals, lying does not come naturally to Conservatives. We use the truth to fight our political battles and the Liberals denounce us for being mean and hateful. The liberals are so lacking in morals they will even claim that our truths are lies. They have no shame what so ever.

However, maybe there is a truth that Republicans can use to their advantage in the next election cycle. A truth from which the Democrats and the Liberals can not hide. A truth that the Liberals will not be able to make into a lie. I’m talking about public employee unions; their outrageous salaries and pension benefits, as compared to the private sector, and their influence over their employers, the political office holders.

Public employee unions just may be the Democrats Achilles tendon. Douglas E. Schoen makes the case in his WSJ opinion piece “The Union Threat to the Democrats’ Future“. I suspect that Schoen is trying to warn the Democrats that they need to change their relationship with the public sector unions or the Republicans will use the unions as a weapon against them. I may be wrong but it really doesn’t matter. Schoen is right.

 The Republicans can make a lot of hay out of the fact that the public employee unions have bought and paid for the Democratic Party.  Imagine in the private sector if the employees could choose their boss and then negotiate with him their wages and benefits. Absurd, right? But that is exactly what the public employee unions have accomplished.  

Asking private sector workers how they feel about the fact that they are struggling to make ends meet and their taxes (local,state,and federal) are being used so that public employees can live on easy street because the Democrats are beholden to them.

I think that the issue of the public employees unions may be one of the best weapons we have to win over indepedents and moderate Democrats. What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Public Employee Unions _ A Valuable Weapon for Republicans?

  1. Hell yeah! The obscenity of the public employee unions is historic, and we should use their wanton largesse for everything we can. Not to mention, we can also point out how bad they do their freaking jobs. I am an admirer of JFK, mainly because he was a true leader, but his allowing government workers to unionize ranks as one of the most disastrous policies our country has ever enacted.

  2. The unions make a lot of noise and get a lot of attention. In truth, they are a dying breed unless Obama can crank up the numbers. They are minor in number, and yes, this can/will be used against them if we play our cards right. Keep beating the Drum how SEIU and Obama are in bed together.

    1. I agree with you about the decline of unions but only in the private sector. In the public sector they are strong and they are big time contribuutors to the Democrats at local, stae and the Federal level.

      1. Excellent point. Hopefully there should be no further growth in government. What has been a puzzle to me is the fact that the Union folks I grew up with were bascially Conservative. But that was a rural area.

      2. I think union folk were more conservative in the past because they didn’t want to be confused with the communists. But the union leadership found it politically convenient to align themselves with the liberal faction of the Democratic Party.

  3. Good idea, Jim. I wonder if there is a chance in heck we could get rid of public sector unions. Unions have outlived their usefulness and beyond….since we have minimum wage laws (which I don’t like much) and minimum age and safety laws, there is no real reason for unions other than extortion from employers. When the employers are the tax payers this leads to corruption in government. So simple. The solution is to abolish government sector unions. Their existence is a conflict of interest. Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers is the only example I can think of where someone stood up to them.

    How to get rid of them? Now that would take some serious courage., but would get my vote. Dream on….I doubt one Republican contender will have the guts to even bring up the subject. Except for Palin and Trump. Now I am dreaming.

  4. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Cities go bankrupt and try to avoid their pension responsibilities of the Unions. Thankfully we have a GOP Congress.. I think!! Otherwise, they will try and stick the feds with it.

    1. It will indeed be intersting. My bet is Obama will want to bail them out. He is already asking for $6 billion for Puerto Rico. So what do you think he’ll do when its Illinois or California or New York? I hope the Repulicans have the cajjones to say NO!

      1. Paul Ryan (who I’d vote for for president in half a heartbeat) says the Congress is prepared to say no. They’re already looking for ways to enable states to go into bankruptcy, which in the case of the states would basically mean they could restructure their union contracts. Those high salaries and generous pensions are the root of the problem and they need to dispense with them ASAP. If I were king (as you well know, Jim) I’d declare public sector unions illegal tomorrow and I’d tell them to shove their contracts up their … well, you get the point. As far as I can tell, the contracts are the result of pure corruption (unions buying off politicians with campaign contributions and advertising) and should be rendered null and void. Someone would probably convince me that there was some unfairness in that for the normal worker, so I’d figure out a way to convert the fixed benefit pensions to 401K type of programs… the already retired and living high on the hog would take a hit, but they’d get something.

        Contributions to the “make Pat the King” committee are now being solicited online. 🙂

      2. That is great news about Paul Ryan. We’ve got control of the purse strings, so we can stop this non-sense if we ( the Republicans) have the will. I too am a fan of Paul Ryan. It would be nice to have a President that understands something about economics.

        On the subject of Pat for King, do you accept IOUs? if you do , I’ll write a BIG one. LOL!

  5. I don’t know that democrats don’t have moral values per se. It is that what they believe does not line up with reality. It goes more with first emotion. It is emotionally charged, but empty. And when faced with the truth, who would like to admit that their life’s work has all been wrong?

    The cure then to fix our government? Educate the masses; forget about the entrenched left-wingers.

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