Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicles

This article was originally published by Cheryl Pass of My Tea Party Chronicles on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.



“We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” Sure, and the fleas on rats didn’t spread the bubonic plague.

You know how hard it is to keep up with all those passwords to all of the internet sites you visit. You know it’s a pain. You can’t remember all of them. In fact, I keep a cheat-sheet in a book next to my computer where I’ve written them all down in case my “remember me” app fails or I have to erase my cookies. (uh oh, I probably shouldn’t have divulged that information to those who might possibly want to break into my cyber sphere.)

Ta da! Bring on the ruffles and flourishes! Never fear! Obama is here!!! What a great bunch of Czars he has assembled……armies of men and women who spend each day and night figuring out ways to make your life….uh, more beholden to “The One.” We are to be saved from our internet password hell by none other than those sweet, technologically savvy, folks at the White House. You know those compassionate people, who could not stop Wikileaks and want to tell your doctor how to practice medicine, now want to control your passwords. The same people who are shutting down the coal industry and forbidding drilling for oil want to keep a database of your password(s) to your information on the internet. Make a political contribution online? The White House will know about it. Pick the opposite political party? The White House will have the information. Buy a pocket Constitution? Hmmmmm….well Obama might not approve of that one.

In case you missed it, while the media and the administration was deriding political dissent all last week and telling people they’d better be nicey nice, the Internet Czar has put forth a “proposal” for a federal data base assigning each citizen a government approved internet password. They just want to make your life easier… know. The mob just wants to protect your neighborhood. Sure, Hansel and Gretel didn’t meet a cannabalistic old witch in the woods either.

“Sometimes, the word ‘voluntary’ is a little complicated…”
–Obama Regulatory Czar, Cass Susstein

You think it can’t happen here?
“Efforts to place restrictions on the internet are unfolding apace in Australia where the government is implementing a mandatory and wide-ranging Internet filter modeled on that of the Communist Chinese government.”

From there to here
“The Obama administration is planning on handing over power to the U.S. Commerce department in a new effort to increase security on the Internet. The idea is to create an “identity ecosystem” for the Internet, while the government says this is not a “National ID Card” it does appear to be very similar but restricted only to Internet activities.”

“Since this Administration never lets a crisis go to waste I thought it would be useful to dig out at least one significant announcement that the White House purposefully buried in the wake of the Tucson shootings. From the Washington Times editorial page, we find this evil spawn, courtesy of those delightful jackanapes at the White House. Note the use of the term “White House cybersecurity advisor.” That’s media speak for one of the more than three dozen unconfirmed Marxist -leaning czars appointed by Obama, his hand picked shadow government in-waiting.

The White House cybersecurity adviser joined Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to announce what amounts to a national ID card for the Internet.
Their plan is straightforward. Instead of logging onto Facebook or one’s bank using separate passwords established with each individual company or website, the White House will take the lead in developing what it calls an “identity ecosystem” that will centralize personal information and credentials. This government-approved system would issue a smart card or similar device that would confirm an individual’s identity when making online credit-card purchases, accessing electronic health care records, posting “anonymous” blog entries or even logging onto one’s own home computer, according to administration documents.
Officials insist this would be a voluntary program and deliver significant benefits to the public.
Centralizing access to personal information only makes it easier for the bad guys because it means they only need to steal one key to unlock a vast wealth of financial and personal information. It’s likely that the real motivation for this is to ensure the feds always have backdoor access into what people are doing in the online realm.
Good Lord! If we allow these “internet passports” to become law, we will surely end up with health care passports, carbon credit passports and, of course, food and nutrition passports.
We know with 100% certainty that the government cannot keep these programs secure. We know with 100% certainty the government will gleefully track every web site you visit, every keystroke you send, every purchase you make, every deposit and withdrawal, every blog comment, and every Facebook and Twitter post. A simple algorithm will create lists of your acquaintances and friends and inform the government of your political affiliations, political donations, clubs, interests and hobbies.

This would not only be the end of personal privacy; we would have good running start at an authoritarian American gulag. Thanks to the socialist thugs appointed by Obama, American’s must now focus Congress’s attention on rejecting this cynical evisceration of our Constitutional protections of privacy, speech, press and association.”

Those on the left, who are Obama’s fan base, are the same people who had an apoplectic fit over George Bush’s wire tapping to defend us against terrorists. I guess one man’s oppression is another man’s cyber security? And, by the way, did you know we needed an “ecosystem” for the internet? Are you laughing yet? OMG! I’d prefer my own password hell, thank you very much. My little cheat-sheet book, at least, is mine and the government can’t have its hands on it.

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5 thoughts on “Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicles

  1. I am not a big Revelation fan, nor overly religious, but I was telling someone about this and they quoted me this:
    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17
    Considering this is coming from the Commerce Dept, and we will have one number to purchase online, it sure will be as evil.

  2. I guess I see this as just one more step in that direction, Bunkerville. Like you, I don’t spend my days dwelling on the prospects of Armageddon, but it is so interesting to watch the Marxists doing things that replicate the warnings we have been given. If we are all reading the same book, I wonder why they keep choosing the side of evil. But they do.

    Obama is going outside of our legislature and regulating without our consent. He is not the first, but so far he is the worst. We must vote these people out of our government and not allow Czars to regulate our lives.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. In this day and age knowledge is power. He who controls knowledge has the power. But you say the things the government wants to do with the Internet are harmless. Net neutrality hardly sounds menacing. Providing a password to everybody that works for everything, wow, that sounds like a great idea. So what is all the uproar about? It’s about the century old, tried and proven, methods of the Fabian socialist of taking little bitty baby steps until without any notice they have trampled out another of our freedoms. Innocent these moves may seem, you can be sure that there is a sinister plan that they don’t want us to know about.

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