How Much Are Our Freedoms Worth?

Apparently not very much. In spite of the wars we have fought and the lives that were given to acquire and protect our freedoms from outside threats, we Americans  have put-up very little resistance to the takings of our freedoms by our own ever-growing federal government.

This is not a new phenomena. My take is that it started slowly about 100 years ago. In 1913, under the Wilson administration we accepted that government could tax our income, we gave-up states rights by accepting that our Senators would henceforth be elected by popular vote instead of being appointed and thereby accountable to the individual states and, we accepted that a quasi-private company would take charge of producing our currency and manage our economy for continued inflation.

Every administration has contributed to the growth of the federal government and it’s control over our lives. Some of the worst, in my opinion, were the administrations of Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Clinton, Bush II, and now Obama.

The taking of our freedoms since the attacks of 9/11 have accelerated and specially so under the current administration. A number of recent blog articles make my point.

By way of LewRockwell.Com we have this article by Simon Black at Sovereign Man. Simon is worried about a government agent on every corner and a wire tap on every phone. 

Kelly Holt also has an article at LewRockwell.Com . Kelly tells us how the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, is  suing the TSA for what he says was warrantless rubbing of his genitals.

We all know that DHS is an agency that is above the law. They can do just about anything with impunity. And, the TSA is totally out of control. But there are so many other ways the government is intruding on our lives.

The government wants to tell us which light bulb we can use, how many gallons of water we can have, tell our doctors who gets what care and, as Cheryl Pass of My Tea Party Chronicles tells us, they want to put Smart Meters in your house to ostensibly give them better information on how much electricity and water you are using.

Or how about this recent post at Bunkerville where we are told how the Obama administration is helping the Teamster’s Union to put and end to independent truckers with environmental standards for trucks that the independents can’t afford to comply with.

We are all aware,or at least we should be, how the government requires that we use fuel with ethanol from corn (food costs are skyrocketing around the world and we are required to use food to make ethanol), utilities are required to buy high cost alternative energy ( wind and solar), which means your electric rates go up. The government is funding and subsidizing with your money costly and inefficient hybrid cars that they want you to buy. Our government is doing everything possible to stop the development of petroleum based fuel sources in America, of which we have great quantities and would be a much cheaper source of energy. We apparently have no voice in these matters. Unelected bureaucrats do what they want not what we want.

I’m sure that I have not begun to cover all the ways that government is nibbling away at our freedoms. Taken in isolation, each intrusion seems minimal. it always starts that way. but just look at income tax. If I’m not mistaken, prior to World War II, the maximum rate of income tax was like 3%. We are told that these intrusions are necessary for our protection and/or for our own good. 

I have some questions for my fellow Americans. When are you going to say No More? When are you going to decide that you are Not Going To Take It Anymore? Or, maybe the question I should ask is: How much more of your freedoms are you prepared to give-up to Big Brother?

That is what I am thinking, what are your thoughts?

15 thoughts on “How Much Are Our Freedoms Worth?

  1. Great post Jim. My feelings on this subject is that most Americans are so ignorant in terms of our constitution, our founders, our history, and the concept of property rights and liberties that they know not what they do. They can’t stand up for something they have very little knowledge of. So they have become pawns to be sacrificed by a federal or should I say national government that is simply out of control. They have become sheep and they are being led to the slaughter.

  2. I wish I could disagree with you, Jim. Unfortunately, I can not. The voice of the people has been silent or muted for so long and now that it is growing, a lot of the ones who are in power are choosing to ignore it.

    @Freedom Flyer – There is a lot we can do besides just talk. The main thing would be to do everything in our power to hold our elected officials accountable at the ballot box. That is the ultimate weapon, but we must choose to use it.

  3. We have been surprised (although we should not have been) by the incrementalism of the left. They have been at this for a century. There were warnings, but we didn’t really wake up until now. That we have awakened gives me hope.

  4. “Simon is worried about a government agent on every corner and a wire tap on every phone. ”

    No need for one on every corner, just go the route of countries like the UK, a camera on every street will do just fine too.

  5. I wish I had an answer to the commenter’s question of what to do (great post BTW). It has taken the progressives a 100+ years to bring to things to their current state. Folks like Wilson and later John Dewey screwed up our education system so badly that not only are many incapable of critical thinking, but they are woefully ignorant of the country’s history and the principles on which it was founded. As a nation, we’ve lost the sense of wonder and gratitude for the unique system we enjoy.

    I am heartened by discovering that all is not lost (although things are dire). There are so many erudite and high caliber people out there striving to educate themselves and spread the word.

    So, maybe I do have an answer, after all. It is our duty to make sure that people who think like we do, know that they are not alone. It is our duty to form loose decentralized collections of people to keep making noise and reaching out to those who are asleep – and wake them up!

    1. Martin, thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to make such a thoughtful comment. Things are indeed dire. We can not give-up. As you say we must continue to support one another and try to motivate one another because we never know cause a chain of events that wakes-up some of those that are still asleep. I like your choice of words; it is our DUTY!

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