The Universal Law of the 7 P’s

When I was a student of engineering a long time ago, we were required to learn a lot of useless things. Things like Schroedinger (I sure I miss spelled his name but I don’t really care.) equations for black box radiation in a course of chemical thermodynamics. I passed the final exam and never again had a reason […]

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Damned If We Do and Damned If We Don’t? Or Just Damned If WE Don’t?

Two great reads that got me thinking. That is always a sign of danger. First let’s visit A Conservative Teacher, who recently wrote: “Obama’s Transparent  Game for America”. In this article, ACT describes Obama’s plan to win in 2012.   ACT relates that the 2012 election season is coming quickly. He describes an America that is […]

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M.I.A. or AWOL

POLITICO has the story. Indiana’s Democrats are taking their que from their counterparts in Wisconsin. Democrats in Indiana’s legislature are said to be fleeing the state Tuesday to block a vote on an anti-union bill, repeating the move used by Wisconsin Democrats to avoid voting on legislation there. Members of the Indiana House are headed […]

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