Wake-up World. The Enemy Has A Name. That Name Is Islam

The dominate news for the last few weeks is what has been happening in Tunisia, Yemen, to some extent in Jordan; but most importantly, for the moment, in Egypt. Apparent spontaneous uprisings of the people; demanding that their government leaders step down;. A cry for freedom and democracy is how the news media is presenting these events to the world. But there is much confusion and anxiety in the minds of many people. Will the dictators of these countries be replaced by some form of democratic secular governments? Or will they fall into the hands of radical Muslims ala Iran. I suspect the bookies have placed high odds against secular democracies.

For the purposes of this essay, I will focus on Egypt and the United States.  Much of what I say about Egypt probably applies to any country where Muslims are a majority. Much of what I say about the United States probably applies to most of the non-Islamic world.

The government of the United States was founded on the principles of individual freedom. We created a republic with limited democracy. The concept of “limited democracy” is important because pure democracy leads to the tyranny of the majority over the minority; even if that majority exist by the slimmest of margins. There have been many tyrants who have been elected democratically. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is a prime example.

 One of the principles of US foreign policy has be the moral responsibility to support people in their struggle to free themselves from repressive governments. We haven’t always lived-up to that moral responsibility because there is a second principle to our foreign policy. The second principle is the protection of our nation’s strategic interest; be they military/security or economic. It is this second principle that has led the US to support various totalitarian regimes in different parts of the world. Examples of this would be our support for the Mubarak regime in Egypt and the Saudi Royal family in Saudi Arabia. The US even found it in our best interest to support, at one time, the Saddam Husein regime in Iraq.

Over our history, the United States has fought many wars. It was always easy to define and recognize our enemies.  Our enemies have only euphemistically been defined as a people. It was always understood the real enemy was those that govern the country in question. In World War II our enemies were Hitler and his regime not the German people; the imperialist regime of Japan not the Japanese people. The same can be said about the Korean War, the War in Vietnam, the Gulf War, and etc. Our enemies have been governments not the people of those nations.

I believe that the world is experiencing a paradigm shift and that there is an urgent need for the US and the rest of the developed world redefine who their common enemy is. For the first time in modern history, I believe the common enemy isn’t any government regime but a people and not the people of just one or two nations. I believe that the greatest threat to the United States and the rest of the developed world is the Muslim world.

The Muslim world is much more than the Middle-East. It includes Indonesia and other parts of Asia and Asia-Minor. And, there are al l the Somethig-stan countries south of Russia and north of India. Also, one should keep in mind that there are large Muslim populations throughout South America, North America, and Europe. But let’s get back to Egypt.

My view is that Mubarak is really no longer in the picture. The military is in control of the government and they have met with various opposition groups; the biggest of which is the Muslim Brotherhood. I think the chances of Egypt ending-up as a secular democracy are slim and none. Various bloggers have written on Pew surveys that show that an overwhelming majority of Egyptians want a theocratic government and they want sharia law to prevail over all other.

If you believe the talking heads of MSM and some of or own politicians that the Muslim Brotherhood are moderates, you are sadly mistaken. Visit Atlas Shrugs and search the archives of Pamela Geller and learn what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about.

Try to imagine what will happen,  if Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen become clones of Iran. You can bet that Jordan and Syria won’t be far behind. The dominoes will start to fall. How will Saudi Arabia hold out? They won’t be able to hold out. Even Iraq could blow-up in our face. Radical Muslims will control the lion’s share of the world’s oil reserves. They could easily bring down the world’s economy. Terrorist attacks will escalate around the world. It will be World War III; but it won’t be a conventional war. There won’t be any defined battle fields.  It will be a guerilla war with the planet as the battle field. We and the rest of the once known, developed world, will be chasing our tails trying  to figure out where the next terrorist attack is going to happen. With the world economy collapsed, civilization will slip into a new version of the Dark Ages.

When it comes to religion, I have always taken the position of live and let live. But that is not a tenant of Islam. Islam is not just a religion. It is much more. Islam is a social order with their own laws. Sharia law. Islam teaches that the infidel must either be subjugated or eliminated. Period. End of story. 

You may think that I am an alarmist, an Islamophoic, or a fear monger. Maybe. All I can say is that I am honestly afraid. Afraid  for my family, afraid for my country and, afraid  for the future of the world. as we have known it  I am convinced that our leaders and the leaders of many other countries must wake-up to the new reality. Our enemy is not some country like Iran.  Our enemy is not some nebulous thing like terrorism. Our enemy is a people. A people who follow the dictates of Islam. They are called Muslims and they want to enslave you or kill you and the choice is not yours. The liberal elite of the world will finally have their wish for a new world order. However, It won’t be they and the banksters and George Soros that are in charge, at least not for very long.

If my views on Islam are extreme, then I am in good company. There are a large number of conservative bloggers who hold similar views to mine. They are not fear mongers. They are trying to warn the world of a very real danger. A danger that many world leaders and most liberals do not want to see.

There are two exceptionally good articles on the subject of Islam that have been recently published. One is at Questioning with Boldness and the other is at at My Tea Party Chronicles. I highly recommend them. Unlike the rantings of this old man, these two essays are beautifully written, full of useful details, and there are some great links. Please take the time to read both of these essays and then come back and tell me if my views are extremist in nature.

21 thoughts on “Wake-up World. The Enemy Has A Name. That Name Is Islam

  1. The history of islam does not support any real democracy taking root in the middle east, at least not with significant help and prodding from the outside world.

  2. I agree, there is no way that any type of democracy is going to arise from the ashes of this revolution and I am very scared over what is going to happen after all is said and done. This is a dangerous situation that is brewing over there and I can only hope that we are wrong, but I honestly don’t think we are.

  3. Jim, you make some great points, especially the concern about the domino effect and where this will lead the world. Although I hope we never see a World War III, I suspect that if we do, it will be much like you suggest… a hard to define enemy being fought on virtually indistinguishable battle fronts. Should it play out like this, we are at the mercy of their battle plan and will always be working in a response mode unless we take the fight to them now. I don’t mean fight in the sense of combat through arms, I mean bring the fight of knowledge and deterrance now. If we are to avert a potential war, perhaps we need to establish our virtual “Gates of Vienna” today and enforce a new level of immigration policy(good luck with this president) that limits the type of people coming from that part of the world. We recognize the people want to come to America for many reasons but some come for rather nefarious reasons… Khalid Sheikh Mohammed amongst others come to mind and we must accept that it is a real threat and not a potential threat. Stop being reactive to it and let’s be proactive, if only to preserve lives in the long run.

  4. Hi Jim….
    Your heartfelt concerns come through clearly in your post here…good insights!

    I just posted a link and article re: the meddling George Soros and his “philanthropic” support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Soros is the third wealthiest man in the world at the moment according to a recent Forbes article. He and Obama are attached at the hip, so if you wonder where our foreign policy re: Egypt is coming from, look behind the curtain.

    Thanks for the link to my blog, as well.
    All the best to you…

  5. These folks are from another time and place and for us, difficult to understand, or rather, would prefer not to. Bottom line is that we are the infidels and they would prefer us and especially Israel dead and gone. We best get with it, and understand it before it is too late.

  6. You laid out the fear well. I am continually shaking my head in disbelief at the amateurishness of the Obama foreign policy (foreign lack of policy?). If an adult was in the White House, he or she would have replied, when Mubarak said he’d step down in September, “GREAT! Now we are assured the Mubarak regime will end, and all parties have plenty of time to set the rules for the election and to campaign.” Then we would have worked our asses off to make sure the Muslim Brotherhood was marginalized between now and September… held out some carrots… wielded some sticks… used some good old fashioned politicking to help ensure that we end up with an ally in Egypt rather than a new Iran. It is not tough to figure out what we should have done. What is tough to figure out is why the Obama administration would start calling for a transfer of power before anyone other than the Muslim Brotherhood could organize. It’s a COUNTRY, not a 6th grade classroom. You don’t just hand power from one person to another when there is no system set up (like ours) to do it. Nincompoops… or people with a diabolical agenda… I’m hoping they’re just stupid.

    My hope is that more people want a better life, more freedom, more conveniences, a little western style decadence than want a Sharia driven terror state… which always ends up terrorizing it’s own people first. Seriously… no matter what the Koran says, there can’t be that many people who want women veiled and virtually enslaved, and men living lives of unproductive poverty where the only way to be somebody is to cease being anybody. I’m hoping their humanity outweighs their religious fervor.

  7. Islam is a civilization destroyer, and ours wouldn’t be the first. I have Atlas Shrugs on my blogroll, along with “Religion of Peace” because people need to know.

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